The Last of Us Part 1 PC vs PS5 Comparison Highlights Issues on PC Alongside Visual Improvements

With Naughty Dog’s hit title now being available on PC, one of the first The Last of Us Part 1 PC vs PS5 comparison videos has surfaced, highlighting improvements over the PS5 versions, but also, various issues.

As could be read in our article earlier today, the PC version is sadly suffering from some apparent issues, including memory leaks, long shader loading times, and more. No doubt, most of these issues will be resolved through a post-launch patch, but there’s no denying that, at the moment, this isn’t the port that a lot of people wanted – early reviews on Steam confirm as much.

Luckily, Naughty Dog has already said that it’s looking into the reported issues, and just now, a new Steam update surfaced. The contents of this patch, however, haven’t been revealed yet.

So how does the PC version actually compare to last year’s PlayStation 5 version? Tech YouTuber ‘ElAnalistaDeBits‘ had Naughty Dog’s game running on both platforms. The takeaway? The PC version benefits from various minor visual improvements, including better texture resolution, better shadow resolution, more geometry, longer draw distances, improved water physics and interaction, and some other enhancements. Then again, in its current stage, the PC version suffers from some apparent frame-pace issues alongside missing animations, a bit of texture clipping, broken reflections or textures, and longer loading times (the PS5 version loads five times as fast).

Check out the comparison video down below and judge for yourself:

-PS5: Resolution Mode: 2160p/30fps FPS Mode: 1440p/60fps

-PC: 2160p Max. Settings | RTX 4080/4070Ti/3080/3050

-Steam Deck: 800p with FSR Quality | Low Settings

Going by this comparison video, you currently don’t want to play this PC port on your Steam Deck due to low framerates, even on low settings. Then again, even an NVIDIA GTX 3050 is currently unable to properly run the game at 60FPS in 1080p with high settings and DLSS.

What are your thoughts about Sony’s most-recent PC port of this former PlayStation exclusive? Will a post-launch patch be able to address the apparent issues? Hit the comments down below. In any case, this is what we wrote about the PS5 version last year:

The Last of Us Part I is a testament to how timeless this Cormac McCarthy-inspired tale is. Fully remade for Sony’s latest console generation, if this is the first chance a player has to experience the post-outbreak tale, it’s without a doubt the best version to play. Both visual and mechanical enhancements bring this title to life as no other Naughty Dog game has done before. However, the omission of the multiplayer component is lamented by fans of the original that cannot be overlooked for keeping The Last of Us Part I from being a perfect gaming experience.

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