TikTok Video Allegedly Shows A Samsung Galaxy Phone Camera Processing A White Circle Picture Into A Moon, Clip Labeled As A Fake

The Galaxy S23 Ultra moon shot controversy was highlighted in a detailed Reddit post, and numerous attempts have been made to replicate those results. One TikTok video takes a completely different direction, allegedly showing that an unnamed Samsung Galaxy handset can process an image of a white circle into a moon that is actually showing clear details such as grayish craters.

Many commenters on a Twitter thread claim the video to be fake, implying that the TikToker changed the image to a moon using editing techniques

The video was uploaded by hackhamster, showing a blank white circle picture on the phone. Surprisingly, the TikToker does not let the audience know which Samsung Galaxy smartphone is used to re-make those moon shots, but our assumption is that the company’s AI may run in the same aggressive manner as all of the company’s devices.

Regardless, when zooming onto the white circle, the TikTok video shows that the image quickly turns into a moon, with Samsung’s image identifier seemingly adding craters to the final result. However, after Ian Zelbo shared the tweet in which he called the device used to capture the image a Galaxy S23 Ultra, many commenters in the thread labeled the clip as a fake.


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One Twitter user even attempted to re-create the same results, but all he got was the same blank white circle. Max Weinbach also joined the discussion, stating that the device in question is not a Galaxy S23 Ultra, as it features curved corners, believing it to be a Galaxy S20. If readers wanted more evidence that it was not the Galaxy S23 Ultra, @AnxiousHolly points out that there is no 100x zoom option present in the camera UI.

Even in the comments below the TikTok video, one eagle-eyed viewer said that he tried the same method on the Galaxy S22 and could not replicate the results. In short, it looks as if hackhamster cut the video in between to make it appear that Samsung’s AI was going haywire. The Korean giant even put out an explanation of the process that allows a moon image to be processed with such detail.

I have no way of confirming this… but this TikTok user claims to take a picture of a blank white circle, and the S23 Ultra outputted a moon What is a picture?

— Ian Zelbo (@ianzelbo) March 29, 2023

Given that nearly everyone has access to social media and the internet in general, it can become difficult to verify such alleged camera tricks. Thankfully, seasoned individuals who have taken various Samsung Galaxy smartphones through their paces can better inform viewers who continue falling for such TikTok videos. If you do not want your Galaxy smartphone to capture ‘fake’ moon pictures, we have a detailed guide on how you can disable the feature, so check that out when you have the time.

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