EXCLUSIVE: TGP’s Jordan Conradson COMPLETELY DESTROYS Leftist Reporters Trashing Kari Lake Before Press Conference – Audio Exposes AZ Reporters Trashing Kari, Crude Jokes, and Bragging About Taking Money from County Officials (VIDEO)

Leftwing Hack Howie Fischer apologizes to Kari Lake for making a crude joke – Photo by Bobby Bushcraft

Kari Lake made a huge announcement earlier today at her first press conference since her lawsuit was tossed by weak and arguably corrupt Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter Thompson.

The Gateway Pundit reported live on the full event. Kari Lake announced during the conference that she will appeal Thompson’s bogus ruling all the way to the US Supreme Court and launch a massive voter registration and get-out-the-vote operation to help Republicans win in 2024.

JUST-IN: Kari Lake Announces She Will Continue Fighting Stolen Election Case “to The US SUPREME COURT” – Will Launch “The Largest, Most Extensive Ballot Chasing Operation in Our State’s History” (VIDEO)

Before the press conference, The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson was setting up his equipment when the other so-called journalists tried giving him hell, referring to him as Kari Lake’s “PR guy.” They were also openly trashing Kari Lake. So, Conradson turned on his microphone and picked up some of the leftwing propagandists’ public conversations to expose their biases.

In the video below, liberal hack Howie Fischer, founder of Capitol Media Services, begins joking that Kari Lake’s surprise announcement is that she will become “Donald Trump’s fourth wife.” Later in the video, Hank Stephenson of the Arizona Agenda on Substack can be heard telling other reporters that he received $100 from corrupt RINO Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, and appears to say “for some pact,” though it is not totally clear.

One reporter is also heard cracking a joke and asking, “Do we have ethical standards?”

Is Stephen Richer buying off the media to give unfair coverage to Kari Lake?

It is unclear, but Stephen Richer, who is rabidly anti-Kari Lake and ran Maricopa County’s sham early voting, infamously founded and operated the Pro-Democracy Republicans PAC, a dark money PAC aimed at eliminating candidates with a MAGA agenda.

Lake addressed Howie Fischer, who later apologized, and took aim at Brahm Resnik of 12 News for hogging the only available space for a camera during her trial and not even showing up. Because of 12 News, millions of viewers across the country had to rely on the Court’s unreliable live feed, which frequently cut out at very inconvenient times.

Butthurt Brahm got triggered by Lake’s pronunciation of his name while she was responding to The Gateway Pundit’s question. As The Gateway Pundit reported, the crybaby and pottymouth later got schooled by Kari Lake and started swearing at her with young children in the audience. It doesn’t get any more biased than the Arizona mainstream media.

Brahm is the same loser who was widely condemned for comparing the Arizona GOP to German Nazis. It doesn’t get any more biased than the Arizona mainstream media.

After the press conference, out-of-shape Mark Phillips of ABC15 started yelling obscenities at Conradson near children. Mark exclaimed, “Do you know who the f*ck I am?” He was also triggered because Conradson doesn’t take sh*t from the establishment media hacks.

An embarrassed Howie Fischer is seen at the end of the conference, asking Lake for forgiveness below.

Howie Fischer (left) Jordan Conradson (right) – Photo by Bobby Bushcraft

Watch below:

Conradson: I heard some troubling things before you came out for your press conference. I heard Howie Fischer, I thought he said you’re going to be part of President Trump’s Fourth Reich. It turns out he actually said you’re announcing you’re going to be President Trump’s fourth wife. We’ve got all the left wing media here trashing you. We’ve got one guy even taking $100 Venmos from Stephen Richer; I overheard that. What does it tell you about their coverage of your election, of your future political proceedings, and also of your case?

Lake: Well, I don’t expect to get fair coverage. I think there was a survey during the election, where 87% of the news coverage on Republican candidates was negative, done by people in the fake news. And there was one candidate in that survey who had 100% negative coverage, and it was me. Honestly, I’m flattered because it tells you that people like Howie, who just made apparently “a joke” like that, that you just said, Jordan, that’s not a joke. Journalists shouldn’t say that. And they obviously don’t want me because I represent We The People. They like the status quo. They like the corrupt system. I’m disappointed that Howie would do that. Arizona Capitol Times, they cover the Capitol, and we have that kind of stuff being said? How much fair coverage are you going to get from an outlet when they’re saying that behind the microphone? I suppose if you’re going to say that behind the microphone, it should end up in the story if that’s your opinion. Whether it be Brahm doing the most insincere reporting on our case; he wasn’t even there for the trial. Channel 12 was supposed to be the pool camera where Brahm works. And they didn’t show up with the camera because they didn’t want the world to see our coverage, they didn’t want the world to see coverage of our court case. And by them being the pool camera and not showing up over at 12 News, they prevented anybody else from being the pool camera. But they don’t want people to see what’s happening in our elections. That’s why they won’t cover it fairly. And I encourage every Arizonan, every American watching right now, don’t get these people your attention. Don’t tune in even for one second to them. Don’t click on their fake news stories. Your attention, your time, and your eyes are worth so much to them. Don’t give it to them.

Fischer: I’m happy to sit down and discuss stuff going on with your PR guy.

Conradson: I’d like to point out that this guy in the hat apparently gets $100 venmos from Stephen Richer.

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