“Never Watch that Again”- Award-Winning Actor Reveals the “Disturbing” Demonic Event He Witnessed in Hollywood as a Child (VIDEO)

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The rampant debauchery in Hollywood is no secret to Americans, especially conservatives.

Ricky Schroder, a former child star and award-winning actor, went on Instagram to share a shocking incident he said happened to him in Hollywood when he was a boy. It takes the term “evil” to another level.

Schroder is best known for his role as conservative actor Jon Voight’s young son in the 1979 film, “The Champ.” He won a Golden Globe award for his performance.

Schroder started his Instagram video by talking about his great-uncle, who he described as one of his heroes. His great-uncle, who served in General George Patton’s army during World War II, shared stories with Schroeder when he was a boy regarding the monstrous actions of the Nazis.

After telling his followers about his heroic great-uncle, Schroder slams the corruption rampant in American society, particularly within the federal government and Hollywood. He astutely notes this is probably why all these so-called “investigations” never result in anyone being held accountable.

Schroder then pivots to the demonic episode he witnessed as a boy. He said it occurred before he was old enough to drive.

The following details may be disturbing to some readers:

I was hanging out with the older guys. And somebody popped in a cassette tape into a VHS player.

They had some sort of ritual where they took out a knife and cut him down the side. It was his right side.

They took out parts of him, and blood started flowing and they were chanting.

There were women there, and they took off their clothes, and then they took the blood and they smeared it on their bodies and started to be sexual with each other.

It was quite disturbing to see.



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Schroder said the adults handed him the cassette tape and he said he took it to someone he trusted. Schroder then revealed what happened next.

So we watched it. Then he told me never watch that again, and give it back to whoever gave it to you.

So I did that. But I was always confused about why they didn’t ask where it came from.

Schroder believes the people who subjected him to this horrific abuse were cult members who could be linked to the Illuminati.

And so, I believe that I met some of the cult members when I was younger, and they could be the Illuminati, or tied to them.

The actor closed his video by saying the reason justice in America is nonexistent is because powerful leaders may be corrupted by this unnamed cult.

If, in fact, we have no accountability or justice, it could be because these people who are supposed to bring us justice, and protect and defend the Constitution, are corrupted by this cult, which I believe exists globally. But it especially has roots in Hollywood and in the environmental cult and in industry and politics.

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