Dallas City Council to City Employees: Use Preferred Pronouns or Risk Termination

The City of Dallas has created a “gender transition” toolkit, Workplace Gender Transition Protocols & FAQ,  that requires all public employees to use a transitioning person’s preferred pronouns or risk termination.

The document was obtained by The Dallas Express via an open records request.

According to the document, “There are many ways to transition. A transition can be social, legal, and/or medical. Transition may include ‘coming out’ (telling family, friends, and coworkers), changing the name and/or sex on legal documents, and/or accessing medical treatment such as hormones and/or surgery.”

City employees, regardless of their personal or religious beliefs, “are expected to respectfully use the transitioning employee’s preferred name and pronouns.”

The Dallas Express reports:

The City of Dallas lists “refusing to respect an employee’s gender identity by intentionally referring to an employee by a name or by pronouns that do not correspond to the employee’s gender identity” as a form of discrimination and harassment.

The transitioning employee’s manager is required to police pronoun usage, “ensuring that other employees in the workplace adjust to using the new name and pronoun(s) as soon as possible.”

If anyone refuses to use the preferred non-biological pronouns for any reason, the offending person “will be investigated” and “may be disciplined up to and including termination.”

Furthermore, the transitioning employee has the opportunity to dictate how offending employees will be treated by management.

The full toolkit can be viewed below.

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