Woke MLB Removes Pride Logo Overnight, Denies Boycott Claims

Major League Baseball (MLB) abruptly removed its widely publicized Pride logo overnight, sparking a wave of controversy and backlash.

The decision came just days after the league unveiled the rainbow-colored logo in support of LGBTQ+ rights and inclusivity during the Pride Month celebrations on its Facebook page.

MLB has often taken steps to showcase its woke agenda and June marked the annual change of the league’s logo to commemorate Pride Month and express solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community.

The sudden removal of the Pride logo from the league’s Facebook page after only 24 hours was widely celebrated by conservatives and critics who claimed victory over the woke agenda.

Wow. The MLB just quietly removed their LGBTQ+ Pride logo. pic.twitter.com/LaOkN70pXo

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) June 2, 2023

IT IS WORKING!!!! @MLB just removed their “pride” logo overnight!

No more forced agenda!!! Keep pushing back! pic.twitter.com/w3xhAxQQB4

— Graham Allen (@GrahamAllen_1) June 2, 2023

According to MLB’s statement to Newsweek, the timing of the profile picture change was not related to any backlash or boycott from critics, but rather part of the pre-planned schedule to honor both Pride Month and Lou Gehrig Day.

“The organization always planned to recognize the beginning of Pride Month on June 1. Friday marked Lou Gehrig Day, which is celebrated leaguewide, and MLB later updated its profile picture to reflect that ‘as was the intended plan all along,’” the outlet reported.

The statement suggests that woke MLB is not bothered by the conservative boycotts.

MLB and LA Dodgers recently faced criticism after Los Angeles Dodgers apologized to and re-invited anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’ trans nuns to pride night.

After backlash from the group, the Dodgers decided to re-invite them back on the field on June 16 for pride night.

Washington Nationals pitcher Trevor Williams has denounced the Los Angeles Dodgers decision to honor an anti-Catholic hate group at their “Pride Night, but he was later forced to apologize.

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