J6 Defendant Sentenced to 60 Days of Incarceration for 36 Seconds in the Capitol – Judge Shames Him for Raising Money

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Guest Post By Shawn Bradley Witzemann | CondemnedUSA

So what does a 36 second walk inside the US Capitol on January 6 get you?

For D.C. Judge Reggie Walton, the answer is 60 days in prison, $3000 in fines/restitution, and one year of supervised release.

On January 31, 2023, Daniel Goodwyn pleaded guilty to a single misdemeanor trespassing charge after agreeing to the fact that he illegally entered the United States Capitol on January 6th. He was supposed to be sentenced yesterday, but the hearing was delayed after he “boomed into the microphone” — telling the judge that “Ashli Babbit did nothing wrong!”

Multiple accounts state Judge Walton was aggravated. He reportedly told Goodwyn that he was digging a hole for himself with his allocution statements and complained that Donald Trump called Babbitt’s killer, Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd, a thug. Apparently upset by what he describes as “misinformation” that “continues to be disseminated”, Judge Walton said he needed time to “reflect”. He continued the sentencing and rendered his judgement Tuesday. 

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Yesterday, Goodwyn’s attorney, Carolyn Stewart, argued complexity to her client’s actions on January 6th. While requesting leniency, she asked Judge Walton to “understand autism”. She explained how lies have been perpetrated by the media — dragging Goodwyn’s name through the mud.

Although the government agreed that Goodwyn committed no acts of violence or vandalism, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew Haag argued that he was responsible for bullhorn incitement, “inflammatory” tweets to “Stand Back and Stand By”, and evading police…for a grand total of 36 seconds.

In the Government Sentencing Memorandum, U.S. Attorney Michael Graves was much more aggrieved by Goodwyn’s appearance on Tucker Carlson than he was with his short tour of the Capitol building. In fact, he mentioned the cable news appearance at least 4 times.  

“Goodwyn’s fundraising page has received $25,676.25 in contributions thus far,” Graves complained while requesting 90 days incarceration and the forfeiture of all fundraising, “Goodwyn minimized his conduct on January 6, showed a complete lack of remorse, and attempted to curry sympathy with viewers to get them to visit this website and give him money.”

Although Judge Walton declined to fully acquiesce to the Government’s request, it can now be objectively concluded that the Department of Justice is looking to run a debtor’s prison — punishing non-violent J6 defendants like Daniel Goodwyn for every ounce of public support — sending a clear message to the hundreds who’ve yet to be arrested, convicted, or sentenced. 

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