7 Uncomplicated Trouser Outfits Fashion People Are Wearing This Autumn

As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisp, it’s time to revamp your wardrobe with the essence of autumn, and at the forefront of this seasonal transformation are trouser outfits. From tailored trousers in rich earthy tones to relaxed, wide-leg strides paired with chunky knits, autumn outfits are all about comfort and sophistication.

While there are endless autumn trouser outfit combinations you can explore, in the interest of giving you a solid starting point, I’ve focused my energy on bringing you some classic pairings that, I’m sure, you’ll largely be able to re-create with pieces already lurking in your wardrobe.

For a timeless look, opt for high-waisted trousers in tones such as camel or grey and combine them with a tucked-in blouse or a lightweight roll neck. When it comes to shoes, anything goes, from heels to boots to trainers to flats. But don’t fret—I’ll talk you through it. Scroll on to see seven chic autumn trouser outfits that will serve you well this season.

Style Notes: A black blazer makes for a timeless pairing for a pair of beige trousers or chinos. 

Style Notes: Instantly pull together your look with a top that matches the colour of your trousers. Then, add a cool finish with a leather bomber. 

Style Notes: A trench coat is synonymous with autumn; I’d argue it looks its chicest worn with tailored trousers and heeled boots. 

Style Notes: Jeans fall under the overarching category of trousers and this look—a shoulder-robed jumper, blue-stripe shirt, jeans and trainers—presents a low-key way to style them. 

Style Notes: Okay, so I know we’ve already laid out a blazer-and-trousers look but what this outfit proves is that you should always be open to trying different colour and print combinations. Pink, brown, and snake? Beautiful. 

Style Notes: For a relaxed trouser look, select your slouchiest pair, a loose knit and your go-to flats. Again, wearing the same colour of top and trouser can’t hurt if your objective is looking sleek. 

Style Notes: Where there are trousers, a matching suit jacket is never far behind. Further elevate a matching set with a silky shirt and minimal sandals. 

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