Black Democrat Voter Delivers Scathing Rebuke of Biden’s 2024 Campaign on Fox, Endorses Trump: “I Don’t Want Him Checking His Watch While They’re Burying Me” (VIDEO)

In a recent interview on Fox News, Jahmiel Jackson, a Democrat voter from Philadelphia, left FOX News host Ainsley Earhardt speechless with his scathing critique of Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign. Not only did Jackson express deep skepticism about Biden’s leadership, but he also openly endorsed former President Donald Trump.

During the interview, Earhardt asked Jackson about his thoughts on Hunter Biden’s indictment.

It can be recalled that Hunter Biden was indicted on federal gun charges on Thursday. He was indicted in a Delaware court on three counts related to possessing a firearm while using drugs.

Hunter Biden was charged with “one count of False Statement in Purchase of a Firearm, one count of False Statement Related to Information Required to be Kept By Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer, and one count of Possession of a Firearm by a Person who is an Unlawful User of or Addicted to a Controlled Substance.”

“I think considering this investigation took five years and these are the charges they brought, and after this sweetheart plea deal collapsed in court, I honestly think they’re going to wait a couple of months until a trial against Trump happens and they’re going to try another plea deal in another district,” said Jackson.

“I think we can see since Republicans have taken control of the House, we’ve seen so much evidence that these charges have been stymied, and the investigation has been covered up, mostly. So I think this is just them playing face,” he added.

Jackson criticized the Biden regime for using the Department of Justice to score political points.

“This is Biden needing some kind of win, that he has a secure Department of Justice, and this honestly is just a sham,” he said.

When Earhardt asked Jackson about his political leanings and who he supports in the upcoming election, he didn’t hesitate.

Ainsley Earhardt: “I know that you’re a Democrat. You’re a more conservative Democrat. Right?”

Jahmiel Jackson: “Yes.”

Ainsley Earhardt: “Who do you like in this election?”

Jahmiel Jackson: “I think I’m mostly geared towards Donald Trump, really. I think I’ve seen the pullout of Afghanistan from Joe Biden. And then I watched him check his watch during the funeral of the servicemen. And I think if we were to go to war, I’m prime age to be drafted, and I don’t want him to check his watch while they’re burying me. I don’t believe that he’s a competent commander-in-chief.”

For context, Jackson referred to the incident where Joe Biden checked his watch at least five times during a solemn ceremony for U.S. Marines killed in the Kabul terror attack due to his incompetence.


Black voter STUNS Fox host into silence after slamming final nail in coffin of Biden 2024 campaign, ENDORSING Trump:

“If we were to go into a war, I’m prime-age to be drafted and I don’t want him checking his watch while they’re burying me.”

— Benny Johnson (@bennyjohnson) September 15, 2023

Jackson’s comments come at a time when Biden’s approval ratings are already suffering.

Recent polling shows a 19-point drop in support for Joe Biden in Iowa.

The change in support is a direct result of women and young voters who have begun to walk away from Biden. This has to be raising some red flags for Democrats, as those are two of their core vting blocs.

It’s not clear if this has anything to do with the Democrats’ decision to take away Iowa’s status as first in the primary.

Also, a new poll has found that Joe Biden has a serious problem with independent voters.

“Looking deeper, 79 percent of Democrats surveyed approve of Biden in the latest poll, while 92 percent of Republicans and 69 percent of independents disapprove. Exactly half of independents “strongly disapprove” of the president, while 19 percent “somewhat disapprove,” and only 31 percent approve of his performance to varying degrees. In other words, Biden has an abysmal net -38 approval rating among independents,” Breitbart reported.

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