Kamala Harris Thinks Government Must Enforce Equal Outcomes – Also Known as Communism (VIDEO)

While speaking at an event this week, Vice President Kamala Harris suggested that it is the job of government to ensure equal outcomes.

That is the exact opposite of what America is, it’s the exact opposite of the founding principles of this country. In America, people have equality of opportunity, not equal outcomes.

Equality of outcomes is communism.

The people who are leading us don’t even understand or like the core concepts of the country and they tell us with their own words and actions on a nearly daily basis.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

WATCH: Kamala Harris Says Government Must Enforce ‘Equal Outcomes’

Vice President Kamala Harris spent Thursday afternoon lecturing college students about how the government must ensure “equal outcomes.”

“If we want equal outcomes, we need to take into account not everybody starts out on the same base, and we have to make adjustments,” Harris told a crowd at Hampton University in Virginia on her month-long college tour called “Fight for Our Freedoms.”

She told students that “if we want fair outcomes, we must understand what are disparities, and then accommodate and adjust for those disparities if we want equal outcomes.”

Harris is touring colleges across the United States in a likely bid to improve her rock-bottom approval ratings and assuage Democrats’ worries that she’s a drag on President Joe Biden’s reelection ticket.

Watch the video below:

She is embarrassingly stupid. It’s no wonder that even Democrats don’t want her in 2024.

Kamala Harris defends DEI, pushes for making ‘adjustments’ to create ‘equal outcomes’

The only DEI. Outcome is

— tim collier (@timcollier1) September 15, 2023

America is still a capitalist country where hard work, determination and merit matter, Kamala. Are you willing to admit that you got to where you are because you’re not exceptional? Because that is the mindset you are instilling in our youthhttps://t.co/9wiaPO62Oo

— Jeanine Pirro (@JudgeJeanine) September 15, 2023

She made it to the White House and she doesn’t even understand our founding ideals.

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