Woman Dies After Falling From 30-Foot Tall US-Mexico Border Wall

On Friday afternoon, a woman scaling the U.S.-Mexico Border wall fell to her death in Otay Mesa, California. This is just another tragedy in the lives that are affected thanks to the Biden Regime’s continual defiance of our nation’s sovereignty. The lawless behavior of this administration is encouraging people, often with deadly results like this, to attempt a border crossing.

Fox News Reports:

A woman was found dead following a fall from the U.S.-Mexico border wall in Otay Mesa, California, officials say.

The incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. Friday, police told FOX 5 San Diego.

Police say the woman successfully scaled a 17-foot tall wall before falling from a secondary one that is 30 feet tall.

“People more and more are facing traumatic life-altering injuries when they fall, and they injure themselves, or death as the case of this woman,” immigration volunteer organizer Pedro Rios told FOX 5 about the news that has spread quickly on the border.

More from Fox News:

If the border was being enforced properly, the incentive to climb a 17 foot wall and then another wall at 30 feet would be severely diminished. However, we have a situation where these illegal aliens know if they can just get into the U.S., that they will most likely be released with no consequences.

The Gateway Pundit reported that last week three unmarked buses had released hundreds of illegals in San Diego. These were Biden Administration buses that intentionally let these people wander into the United States. The Department of Homeland Security referred to it as “freedom runs.” Homeland security was supposed to protect our nation, but has been corrupted by the adminsitrative state.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants were released on a street in San Diego, California on Thursday. Three unmarked white buses pulled up along 30th Street near the Iris Avenue Trolley Station and let them loose. According to reports, some of the illegals released in San Diego were from China, Pakistan, and even the Republic of Georgia!

One of the illegals asked a border patrol agent, “Is it ok if I go to Chicago, no arrest?” The Border Patrol agent replied, “You are free to go.”

Many of these illegals are military-aged men, which will guarantee a surge in crimes like theft and assault.

“These are Biden’s buses, not Texas,” Fox News reporter Bill Melugin said.

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