NYC Mayor Appears to Snub Biden Multiple Times as President Visits City

President Joe Biden’s refusal to close the country’s southern border has had ramifications far from the communities in places such as Texas that are dealing with an influx of illegal immigrants.

The president’s border crisis has apparently sparked a political crisis in New York City, where open-borders Democrats are dealing with more than 100,000 foreign nationals who have no business being in the country and are a strain on the city’s public resources.

Biden is in the Big Apple to address the United Nations and meet with other world leaders gathered for the international organization’s opening week.

He’s also doing some campaign fundraising during the visit that ends Wednesday. Mayor Eric Adams was invited to Biden fundraisers, as well as a reception at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but won’t be attending, Politico reported.

Adams, who has spent recent weeks and months predicting a perilous future for his city over the immigrant crisis, has no plans to see the inept president, according to the report.

This is a mayor who called himself the “Biden of Brooklyn” only last year, according to a New York Post report.

Politico, in an article headlined “The breakup: Biden and Adams avoid each other in New York,” reported the following:

“The decision by Biden and Adams to avoid each other is a concession to the reality that their relationship is deeply broken, according to several people familiar with the dynamics. Cobbling together a meeting could have been uncomfortable for both men, with no obvious upside.”

A source described as a “city hall adviser” told the outlet, “It just means that the two of them are trying to avoid exacerbating an already tense situation.”

That’s one way of putting it. Here’s another:

Virtuous New York liberals who claim to live on the strength of their diversity and want their city to be a “sanctuary” from immigration laws are having to live among a deluge of immigrants that shows no sign of stopping as long as Biden is in the White House. And it’s making their lives hell.

Let’s revisit this complete and utter meltdown from Adams:

Joe Biden is in New York City for a fundraiser tonight.

Earlier this month, Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams said Biden’s border crisis “will destroy New York City.”

— GOP (@GOP) September 18, 2023

New Yorkers are losing their collective minds, and so now Adams is in the position of being a Democrat who can’t associate with the leader of the free world, who also happens to be a Democrat.

Biden’s refusal to protect American sovereignty could potentially be jeopardizing Adams’ political career as his city and its five boroughs are getting just a small sample of what communities in south Texas have experienced since the 2020 election.

That fact in and of itself might be funny if Adams wasn’t so much better than his predecessor Bill de Blasio – which isn’t saying much.

Credit to Politico for covering this story, but no amount of spinning the details can soften the reality.

Biden essentially begged people from across the world to cross into this country before he ever took his oath on Jan. 20, 2021.

It might have taken some time, but thanks to efforts by leaders such as Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to bus many of these invaders to places such as New York, blue-state liberals are feeling the blues.

None are crying harder than Adams and his advisers.

New Yorkers are giving their mayor an earful and now it appears as though Biden has become politically toxic in the far-left city.

In what world does the Democratic mayor of New York City not want to be seen with the Democratic president of the United States?

A world in which people who vote against their own interests — as well as their country’s interests — are finally experiencing the consequences of their choices.

Adams’ cold shoulder to an unpopular president seeking re-election is the culmination of years of unchecked illegal immigration – which liberals like Adams tacitly supported until it became their problem.

It should be worth noting that Republican leadership made this all happen.

Abbott let New York have just a taste of the suffering and now Biden is being ignored by the leader of one of his party’s safest strongholds.

It’s time for more buses to more cities.

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