MASSIVE Protests in Spain Against Illegitimate Socialist PM Sanchez – Hundreds of Thousands Reject His Illegal and Unpopular Amnesty to Catalan Separatists

Socialists will stop at nothing to retain power.

If it means enacting an amnesty considered illegal by the courts and rejected by the vast majority of the population, so be it.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez did just that – and now he has a powder keg in his hands as demonstrations against him keep getting bigger.

A massive amount of people marched through Madrid on Saturday in the largest protest yet against the amnesty law that will pardon Catalonia’s 2017 separatists in exchange of support to form a government.

Reuters reported:

“The demonstration, the latest in a series of protests in cities across the country against the amnesty, took place two days after Spain’s Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez won a four-year term with the backing of Catalan and Basque nationalist parties in return for agreeing to the law.

Protesters, many waving Spanish flags and holding signs that read “Sanchez traitor” and “Don’t sell Spain”, demonstrated against the law which four judicial associations, opposition political parties and business leaders said threatens the rule of law and the separation of powers.”

Authorities low-ball the number of demonstrators at 170,000, while organizers talk about ‘almost a million’.

“Alberto Nunez Feijoo, leader of the opposition conservative People’s Party, and Santiago Abascal, leader of the far-right Vox party, also attended the march which was organised by civil groups.”

The Catalan independence referendum of 2017 was declared illegal by the courts, and resulted in Spain’s worst political crisis for decades.

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Sanchez pulled his dirty trick almost four months after July’s inconclusive snap general election.

Conservative of the People’s party (PP) narrowly beat Sánchez’s Spanish Socialist Workers party (PSOE) in the election, but they were unable to secure the parliamentary support to form a government.

The Guardian reported:

“The demonstration on Saturday, which was held by Madrid’s Cibeles fountain, was called by more than 100 groups and associations who had urged people ‘on the left, the right and in the centre’ to turn out. The central government’s delegation to the region put attendance at 170,000, making it more than twice as big as the demonstration held in the capital last Sunday. Organizers put attendance at ‘close to a million’.”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, PP’s leader: “’Sadly, we find ourselves at a very difficult moment and democracy’s warning lights are flashing’, he said on Saturday. ‘Being in power is one thing but being right is another. [The government] may have the MPs it needs, but it knows it doesn’t have the votes to do what it is doing’.

Vox’s leader, Santiago Abascal, said his party would not ‘give up this fight’ and would continue the struggle through ‘sustained social mobilization’ and by ‘alerting our international allies to what is happening in Spain’.”

70% of voters, including 59% of people who voted for the Socialists in July, are against the amnesty law.

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