JUST IN: Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Dies At 96

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter has passed away.

She was 96 years old.

Fox News reported:

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter died with her family by her side at her home in Plains, Georgia on Sunday, according to a statement by The Carter Center. She was 96.

The wife of the 39th President of the United States died after she was admitted to hospice care on Friday.

“Rosalynn was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished,” President Carter said. “She gave me wise guidance and encouragement when I needed it. As long as Rosalynn was in the world, I always knew somebody loved and supported me.”

She is survived by her husband, her four children, 11 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.

The Gateway Pundit reported recently that the former first lady was in hospice after being diagnosed with dementia.

In May, the Carter Center revealed Rosalynn Carter has dementia.

“The Carter family is sharing that former First Lady Rosalynn Carter has dementia. She continues to live happily at home with her husband, enjoying spring in Plains and visits with loved ones,” the center announced in late May.

“Mrs. Carter has been the nation’s leading mental health advocate for much of her life. First in the Georgia Governor’s Mansion, then in the White House, and later at The Carter Center, she urged improved access to care and decreased stigma about issues surrounding mental health. One in 10 older Americans have dementia, a condition that affects overall mental health.” the center said.

Former President Jimmy Carter, 99, is currently in hospice care.

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