‘The Settlements Are Our Targets. Let Us Storm Them’

Former Miss Iraq Sara Idan holds a sign stating ‘Free Gaza from Hamas’ in November 2023.

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Hamas now threatening more atrocities … in West Bank

Hamas terrorists who massacred some 1,400 Israeli citizens during a war-like attack on peaceful communities and a music festival in October now are agitating for more such violence.

The war the terrorists launched against Israel that day is continuing, with Israeli troops marching into Gaza, Hamas’ home, and rooting out members of the terror organization, their supplies and their defenses.

But at the same time, there’s been the threat of another attack such as the one on Oct. 7, with its atrocities including babies beheaded and entire families burned alive.

Now the threat is coming from the West Bank.

A report from the Middle East Media Research Institute reveals that Hamas leaders are continuing to “threaten a repeat of the October 7, 2023, attack on Israel.”

And they are inciting people of the West Bank to attack Israelis and be part of the terrorism.

“Telegram channels identified with Hamas’ student organization, the Islamic Bloc, and especially with its branches in the West Bank, are especially active in spreading threats and incitement of this kind,” the report explained.

“In a November 16 post on its Telegram channel, for example, the Islamic Bloc urged the people of the West Bank to emulate the October 7 attack by storming Israeli localities within their reach. Other posts on this channel likewise incite terrorism and provide operational advice on carrying out effective attacks.”

The Islamic Bloc, a student organization for Hamas, posted a call for more violence and a graphic “showing masked terrorists breaching a fence and raiding an Israeli locality, with the text: ‘The settlements are our targets. Let us storm them, [operating] singly or in groups, and let them taste the might of our resistance. #To the settlements.’”

“It should be stressed that, in Hamas’ parlance, all Israeli localities are termed ‘settlements,’ both the ones in the West Bank and those inside Israel,” MEMRI explained.

Two days later, another graphic threatened, “Ambushes of death await you.”

And yet another, posted just this week, showed armed terrorists preparing to attack a Israeli locality, and threatened, “You have no security. Most of our resistance fighters are lying in wait for you. The [West] Bank is not a playground for the settlers.”

MEMRI explained, too, that Hamas’ student groups in the West Bank are offering advice for terrorism.

“On November 18, for example, its Telegram channels posted a video titled ‘How to carry out a high-quality attack causing maximum casualties in the ranks of the occupation.’ The video presents the various stages of preparing and carrying out the attack: ‘research and planning,’ ‘learning the features of the [target] location,’ ‘surveilling the target of the attack,’ ‘obtaining the necessary weapons and keeping them safe,’ ‘securing the target location in an inhabited area,’ ‘maintaining absolute secrecy,’ ‘avoiding the use of digital devices,’ ‘maintaining your routine activities in your [everyday] surroundings,’ ‘planning a suitable escape route,’ ‘choosing the timing, based on the goals of the operation.’”

The MEMRI investigation revealed that, “On November 18, Hamas in the West Bank posted on its Telegram channel a statement by movement official ‘Abd Al-Rahman Shadid, saying: ‘The people of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem, and the people the Palestinian territories occupied in 1948 [i.e., Israeli Arabs] must mobilize, confront the crimes of the occupation and resist by every means. If victory could be attained just by uttering [the phrase] ‘Sufficient for us is Allah , and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs’ [Quran 3:173], Allah wouldn’t have commanded us to prepare [for battle] and to fight…’”

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