VIDEO: Group of Marines Beat Up Thugs Outside an Austin, Texas Nightclub

Credit: Collin Rugg/@txstreetfights2

A small group of thugs learned a painful lesson last night after picking a fight with members of the proud U.S. Marines. Now a video of the encounter has gone viral across social media.

The footage shows plain-clothed individuals confronting the Marines outside of the Voodoo Room nightclub in Austin. After words are exchanged, one of the men decides to take a wild swing at a Marine which instigates an all-out brawl.

The military men knock down one thug after he lands three shots on a Marine. While he is on the ground, he experiences the full might of these Marines as they rain multiple blows on him.


NEW: Group of Marines get into a fight with a group of men outside the Voodoo Room nightclub in Austin, Texas.

Don’t mess with the Marines.

The incident started when an angry woman snagged a phone and threw it into the street. (She was later smacked on accident by one of the… pic.twitter.com/Fr9VD8lHjw

— Collin Rugg (@CollinRugg) November 19, 2023

The video was originally posted at Texas Street Fights.

Wild! Marines brawl 6th Street Austin TX 11-19-2023 fight#fight #fights #crazyfight #fighting #6thstreet #brawl pic.twitter.com/oywpM1FpD5

— TX Street Fights (@txstreetfights2) November 19, 2023

Another bully can be seen getting roughed up by the Marines before the cops finally managed to bust up the brawl before he and his crony got seriously hurt. The cops proceed to place one lowlife in custody while they form a wall preventing more interactions between the military members and the thugs.

Additional cops then arrive on horseback to provide assistance at the scene while an unrelated fight starts a short distance away.

The witnesses during the brawl appeared to be cheering on the Marines. For example, one can clearly be heard chanting “USA! USA!” after police break it up.

The fight reportedly began after a mad woman snatched a phone and threw it in the streets. She was smacked by mistake by one the instigators instigators she was with.

Now the question is whether the Marines will end up getting charged for their actions even though it was a clear case of self-defense. Considering the incident occurred in the most liberal city in Texas, do not be surprised if the District Attorney decides to bring charges.

Should this occur, Governor Greg Abbott needs to step up and take immediate action.

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