New Federal State of China Turns Out to Protest Communist Dictator Xi Jinping’s Visit to America

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by Matt Palumbo

In an unprecedented sight, the streets of San Francisco – or at least a few blocks of it – were cleared of the homeless, trash, open-air drug use, and crime to welcome Chinese communist dictator Xi Jinping in his first visit to the city since 1985.

As Bill Maher put it on his show in highlighting the absurdity, it’s as if our leaders thought to themselves “God forbid the man who supplies us fentanyl see our citizens on fentanyl!” It was just the latest example of the U.S. government putting the interests of the CCP before its own people. What better insult could the U.S. government send us than signaling they could end social disarray whenever they see fit and simply choose not to – unless to appease a foreign adversary?

Xi attracted his share of supposed supporters to San Francisco – but it was all fake, and it was quickly revealed they were paid hundreds each by the communist regime to show up. Xi’s fake support was drowned out by legitimate counter protesters, of which the largest group present was the NFSC, which was founded by anti-CCP dissidents who fled communist persecution. At least 400 NFSC members flew in from all around the world, including chapters in Canada, Japan, and throughout Europe.

Ahead of APEC, CCP officials were sent to influence American mainstream media outlets’ coverage of the event, and instructed them to not report on the NFSC, some of which complied.

The NFSC was founded by Miles Guo (also known as Guo Wengui), a vocal critic of the CCP, with the objective of promoting democracy, human rights, and the rule of law in China – and most importantly, taking down the CCP. Guo fled communist persecution in China, and has become a symbol of resistance against the oppressive regime.

At the protest, NFSC members railed against the CCP.

NSFC member Ava Chen said during a speech “We are here to send a message to Xi this is not a place for him to be. He is a dictator. He is a totalitarian dictatorship, and democracy and freedom don’t have any room for him. We are here to send him a message that we absolutely want to take him down.”

David Xia, Secretary General of the Himalaya Global Alliance of the New Federal State of China, told the crowd “the last thing we want to tell the whole world is that the NFSC will never miss any opportunity to take down the CCP. Our protests will go beyond the borders in the future. We will show up in other countries too even though the activities we have organized in such a hasty time today there are also nearly 400 fellow fighters from all over the world that have joined us for the protest. We want to tell the whole world that the people of the NFSC will always be there. Finally, I want to say in this difficult time, especially when evil is in power, when many of these evil countries formed an evil alliance. The evil will not retreat, so we must stand up, including the people of the NFSC. It also includes other people who oppose the dictatorship, evil organizations, and countries. If we don’t stand up, we will never earn freedom, and the power of evil will not be defeated.”

The NFSC has since started referring to the Chinese Communist Party as the “XiCP” instead of the “CCP” in recognition of the fact that even top CCP officials are succumbing to Xi’s dictatorship – such as the regime’s mysteriously “disappearing” ministers, such as Qin Gang, one of China’s most powerful diplomats – or the questionable death of Li Keqiang, formally the second-ranked member of the Politburo Standing Committee of the CCP.

The protests organized by the NFSC during President Xi Jinping’s visit to San Francisco for the APEC Summit serve as a powerful statement against the XiCP’s authoritarian rule. With supporters from around the world united in their goal to challenge the Chinese government, the NFSC continues to draw attention to the need for democratic reforms and human rights in China. The global community’s response to these protests may play a crucial role in shaping the future trajectory of China and its relationship with the rest of the world.

About the author: Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros (2021), Dumb and Dumber: How Cuomo and de Blasio Ruined New York (2020), Debunk This!: Shattering Liberal Lies (2019), and Spygate (2018).

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