Score a DJI drone at record-low pricing and more early Cyber Monday drone deals

UPDATE: Nov. 26, 2023, 2:00 a.m. EST This post has been updated with the latest pricing and availability of early Cyber Monday drone deals, including some picks from DJI and Holy Stone on sale at Amazon, Newegg, and more.

Early Cyber Monday deals on drones:
Best DJI drone deal

DJI Mini 3 Fly More Combo
$699 at Amazon
(save $99)
Best budget drone

Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone
$179.98 at Amazon with on-page coupon
(save $220.01)
Best drone for kids

DyineeFy Mini Drone for Kids
$29.99 at Amazon
(save $20)
Best advanced drone

Thanksgiving is officially over, and now it’s time to shop. We’ve reviewed thousands (and thousands) of deals for Mashable readers, but this year, Black Friday and early Cyber Monday drone deals have been especially noteworthy. DJI is hosting a huge Cyber Monday sale on its most popular drones, and Amazon has dropped prices to match. DJI has options for beginners and professionals alike, and that’s just the beginning of what we’ve found so far.

We’ve found early Cyber Monday deals on drones that let you save hundreds on 4K aerial cameras, drones for kids, and drone piloting accessories β€” all gathered in one convenient guide.

Don’t even worry about the rest of your Cyber Monday shopping, because we’ve already found all the best deals for you. From Amazon to Walmart and everything in between, the Mashable shopping team is ready to shop.

To find the best deals on drones this Cyber Monday, read on.

Note: All newly added deals are marked with a ✨, while deals with a πŸ”₯ have dropped to an all-time low price. Deals with a strikeout were either sold out or expired at the time of writing.

Early Cyber Monday deals on DJI drones

Why we like it

For beginners and pros alike, DJI is the most trusted name in drones. This brand consistently produces the best camera drones, and the company has discounted some of its most popular models for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Not only does this drone shoot beautiful 4K footage, but it can stay airborne for up to 38 minutes and withstand even very heavy winds. Because this is a combo, extra batteries are included to extend your flying time.

More deals on DJI drones and accessories:

DJI Mini 2 SEΒ β€” $299 $339 (save $40) πŸ”₯

DJI – Goggles 2 Drone Piloting headsetΒ β€” $519.99 $649.99 (save $130)

DJI – Goggles Integra Motion Combo with RC Motion 2 remote control β€”Β $549.99 $649.99 (save $100)✨

DJI – Geek Squad Certified Refurbished Mini 3 Pro and remote control β€”Β $579.99 $909.99 (save $330)✨

DJI – Goggles 2 Motion combo with RC Motion 2 remote controlΒ β€” $639.99 $799.99 (save $160)

DJI – Mini 3 Fly More Combo Drone and remote control β€”Β $699.99 $799.99 (save $100)✨

DJI Air 2S UAV with 3-Axis Gimbal Camera, 5.4K VideoΒ β€” $799 $999 (save $200) πŸ”₯

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone and remote control with built-in screen β€” $799.99 $909.99 (save $110)

DJI Avata Pro-View comboΒ β€” $999 $1,428 (save $429) πŸ”₯

DJI Mini 4 Pro Drone Fly More Combo PlusΒ β€” $1,178.02 $1,288.43 (save $110.41)

Best budget drone deals

Credit: Holy Stone

Our Pick: Holy Stone HS720E GPS Drone
$179.98 at Amazon (save $220.01 with on-page coupon)

Why we like it:

Holy Stone may lack the brand recognition of DJI, but this company makes some of the best drones for beginners looking to explore this new hobby. Holy Stone also likes to discount its drones for events like Prime Day and Black Friday. With the extra battery included in this combo, you can pilot your new drone for over 45 minutes, all while capturing gorgeous 4K aerial photography.

More early Cyber Monday deals on budget drones:

Snaptain SP350 Drone with remote controller β€” $29.99 $39.99 (save $10)

RADCLO Mini drone with cameraΒ β€” $49.49 $69.99 (save $20.50)

JY03 Drone β€” $49.99 $63.99 (save $14)

Snaptain S5C PRO drone with remote controller β€” $69.99 $99.99 (save $30)

Holy Stone HS440 foldable FPV droneΒ β€” $69.99 $129.99 (save $60) πŸ”₯

Snaptain E20 foldable drone with remote β€” $149.99 $199.99 (save $50)

Holy Stone HS440D dronesΒ β€” $98.99 $167.99 (save $69 with on-page coupon)

Potensic ATOM SE GPS droneΒ β€” $99.99 $289.99 (save $190 with on-page coupon)

Holy Stone HS175 GPS Drone β€” $100.99 $159.99 (save $59)

Holy Stone GPS drone with 4K cameraΒ β€” $118.99 $169.99 (save $51) ✨

Contixo F24 Pro Drone with Brushless MotorsΒ β€” $199.99 $299.99 (save $100)

Ruko F11PRO dronesΒ β€” $239.99 $397.99 (save $158)

Snaptain P30 GPS Drone with remote controller β€” $224.99 $299.99 (save $75)

Best early Cyber Monday deals on drones for kids

Why we like it:

Everyone knows kids spend too much time looking at screens (heck, so do adults). If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will get you and your kids outside, then a kid-friendly drone is a perfect gift idea. This drone isn’t so expensive that you’ll feel the hurt if it crashes and breaks. The controls are also simple enough that older kids can get in on the fun.

More deals on drones for kids:

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC drone β€”Β $17.63 $28.99 (save $11.36 with on-page coupon) ✨

TOMZON A23 Mini drone for kidsΒ β€” $25.99 $32.99 (save $7)

TOMZON A24 Mini drone for kids with battle mode β€”Β $23.99 $35.99 (save $12 with on-page coupon) ✨

Holy Stone Mini RC droneΒ β€” $25.89 $36.99 (save $11.10)

Holy Stone Mini drone for kidsΒ β€” $25.89 $49.99 (save $24.10)

Best early Cyber Monday deals on advanced drones

Why we like it:

For professionals and advanced hobbyists, the average drone on Amazon isn’t going to cut it. While this drone doesn’t capture 4K footage, it does shoot in 1080p HDR. It also boasts an extended flight time of 53 minutes and can travel up to 14 miles away from its operator. When it’s done shooting, it can automatically return to the point of takeoff. Finally, you can control this drone via remote control or through an iOS or Android app.

More deals on advanced drones:

Potensic ATOM 3-Axis Gimbal 4K GPS droneΒ β€” $369.99 $449.99 (save $80) πŸ”₯

Ruko F11GIM2 4B Drones with 4K Camera β€” $473.99 $619.99 (save $146 with on-page coupon)

Drone Clone X Pro LIMITLESS 4S Gimbal 4K Camera Drone β€” $684.89 $784.99 (save $100.10)

DJI FPV Combo β€” $899 $999 (save $100)

Autel Robotics – EVO Lite+ Premium bundle β€” $999.99 $1,199.99 (save $200)