Sarah Silverman Admits She ‘F***ed Up’ With Israel-Hamas Social Media Post

The liberal comedian Sarah Silverman is apologizing for a post that she shared on social media about the Israel-Hamas conflict.

Sarah Silverman casually calling for genocide on social media.

These people are the information arm of war criminals, making them war criminals themselves. pic.twitter.com/wRhxZEBwTw

— Danny Haiphong (@SpiritofHo) October 19, 2023

Silverman Apologizes

Silverman, 53, told the Los Angeles Times that she has “no explanation” for why she didn’t fully read an Instagram post from a vlogger who tried to justify Israel cutting off food and electricity to residents of Gaza before sharing it.

“I did the worst thing you can do,” she said. “I was talking to a friend on Instagram, and I said, ‘I feel like people have just completely forgotten that there are hostages.’ They were like, ‘Totally,’ and they sent me whatever it was I posted. And I read just the top line and put it in my stories.”

Silverman, who has long been known to express radically liberal political views, went on to claim that she “usually makes very measured decisions.”

“I f—ed up,” she said. “I try not to define people by their worst moments. But it’s gonna pass, or it won’t. I can’t control it.”

Sarah Silverman really said well maybe those children shouldn’t have voted for Hamas if they wanted water https://t.co/ajglXQkGcy

— caitie delaney (@caitiedelaney) October 19, 2023

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Silverman Takes Down Post

This came after Silverman took down the post, writing on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Oh f— yeah I took that down I put it in stories from someone, realized it was a mistake to post in the stoned fury of wondering where the hostages are in all this madness.”

Newsweek reported that the initial statement that Silverman had shared alleged that “many are saying that it’s inhumane that Israel is cutting off water/electricity to Gaza.”

“Israel made it pretty simple—’release the hostages and we will turn it back on.’ Instead of pleading with Hamas to release civilian hostages which include babies and toddlers there are politicians (cough cough AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez]) calling Israel inhumane,” it continued. “If that isn’t enough for you: Israel does not need to supply Gaza with these resources (which they do, for free). If Hamas didn’t spend billions of dollars on terrorism they would be able to build the infrastructure to support themselves.”

🚨🇺🇸Amazing Jewish celebrity Sarah Silverman who joked about “killing Jesus again” some years ago, is receiving death threats from pro Hamas christians amid war in Gaza. pic.twitter.com/M1CnCn5Vq1

— Terror Alarm (@Terror_Alarm) November 23, 2023

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Social Media Users Fire Back At Silverman

Social media users were quick to slam Silverman for this post, according to The New York Post.

“I get high damn near everyday and find a way to go out and help ppl. Never has it crossed my mind I should support war crimes or want children to die because of it. You’re a sick human and I’m glad you’re being called out,” one furious user responded.

“Imagine getting high and then suddenly supporting apartheid and genocide? We use to smoke weed and be in favor of love and peace… How crazy,” another added, with a third writing, “Piece of sh-t announcement.”

Om Shanti Sarah Silverman #Ceasefire #CeasefireNOW #ThursdayMotivation. Hamas started this and MUST free the hostages. But those suffering without electricity, water, food or shelter are civilians, babies, mothers, fathers, elderly, etc. Were you one of them, how would you feel? https://t.co/c2E1hU7WVy pic.twitter.com/BtSe8PtEvm

— Andy Fox 🌊 (@factandrumor) October 19, 2023

Back in October, Hamas launched a shock attack on southern Israel, killing 1,200 people and taking a further 240 others hostage. Since then, there has been a noted rise of anti-semitism in the United States, and it remains to be seen how Silverman’s remarks will impact her career in the leftwing world of Hollywood, if at all.

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