Kari Lake Invites Kamala Harris to Join Her at Arizona’s Southern Border (VIDEO)

Kari Lake called out Biden Border Czar Kamala Harris and invited her to visit Arizona’s southern border last Thursday after Lake’s “first ever Mama Bear Border Tour” near Tucson, Arizona.

“I’m sure she won’t take me up on the offer,” Lake told The Gateway Pundit. “I’m not even sure she knows where the border is.”

Lake took her US Senate campaign to Arizona’s southern border in Nogales last month to hold a news conference with Democratic Mayor Jorge Maldonado, who praised Republican Kari Lake and slammed Biden’s failed policies of dumping illegals on the streets. “These people have come from so many countries that without Google Translate, not even emergency management, nobody would be able to translate for them,” said Maldonado, while noting that illegals are coming from all over the world and “don’t speak Spanish or English.”

“We didn’t have this migrant problem back then,” Maldonado told Lake when asked if the invasion was so severe in 2019 when President Trump was in office. “The country can’t take this, these migrants here,” he added before condemning the federal government.

Watch Mayor Jorge Maldonado deliver remarks at the border here.

KGUN 9 reports,

The Tucson sector continues to be the busiest along the border, leading all sectors in apprehensions the last four months.

The crisis is visible in Nogales as Border Patrol and CBP buses have been dropping off migrants since September.

The drop-offs are coordinated with Santa Cruz County, Pima County, and the NGOs receiving the migrants.

The Emergency Management Department assists them to getting to shelters in Tucson or Phoenix.

Lake appeared on Fearless with Jason Whitlock last Thursday and invited Kamala Harris down to the border.

Watch below:

Literally hundreds of illegal immigrants are going to be poured out onto the streets of this tiny town, where they don’t speak the language; culturally, they’re so different, they don’t even have an ability to fit in. And this town is truly in a panic over it. The Democrat mayor came out and joined us and said, I support your stance on the border. Your right, we’ve got to shut this illegal activity down, enough is enough, we can’t take it anymore. So, Americans, I think, are starting to come together on this.

I frankly think that Kamala Harris, Biden’s borders czar, I invite her to come down on our next Mama Bear border tour. I believe she’s a mother of step children, and I’m hoping that she cares about her children’s future, her step children’s future. I care about my kids’ future, and they won’t have a future if this border continues to be wide open.

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