Using the Left’s Cancel Culture Criteria, These Liberal Heroes Deserve the Axe

The progressive left has steadily chipped away at our historical heroes and culture, insisting that the flaws of pioneers and leaders be primarily how they are remembered and, better yet, used as justification for their complete erasure from history. Columbus Day is now often referred to as Indigenous People’s Day because Christopher Columbus was nothing but a genocidal colonizer of “indigenous people” as opposed to the intrepid and resilient explorer of far-off lands, under this system.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were repulsive slave owners. Disregard the fact that both wrote extensively on their repulsion at slavery and desire to pave a path for our brand new nation to be a free nation for all, including the slaves.

This week the online liberal trolls were up in arms over arguments that under the same standards placed against these men of history, Martin Luther King, Jr. should also be viewed as an adulterer and worse, versus the civil rights leader we all know him to be. Since they started it, I say we should continue with this exercise by providing four more prime examples of liberal historical leaders who should be canceled using the left’s standards.

.@MattWalshBlog argument that #MLKJr should receive the same critical evaluation as other historical figures like Jefferson & Columbus is absolutely correct. Read all about it in my latest article in @TPInsidr https://t.co/XFioJzx2ZS

— Kat ✍️ (@mohawkmoderate) January 16, 2024

#1 – Harvey Milk

The famous former San Francisco city supervisor who was murdered allegedly solely for being an outspoken leader of the homosexual community has been immortalized on film. It has even been suggested a holiday should be created in his name.

Why should a man – who in the 1970s was able to win a minor political race in arguably one of the most highly concentrated areas of homosexuals and only ever pushed through two measures as a city supervisor, one of which deals with dog owners picking up their pup’s doo-doo – be canceled? It’s not because he was gay; it’s because he was a liar who also supported a homicidal cult leader.

During his campaign for city supervisor, Harvey Milk’s camera shop was attacked when momentum started to lull. At the time, Mr. Milk claimed it was due to his homosexuality.

Later, biographer Randy Shilts wrote:

“Years later friends hinted broadly that Harvey had more than a little foreknowledge that the explosions would happen.”

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Even worse still, Harvey Milk wrote to then President Jimmy Carter in defense of Jim Jones of the famous Kool-Aid murder-suicide:

“Rev. Jones is widely known in the minority communities here and elsewhere as a man of the highest character, who has undertaken constructive remedies for social problems which have been amazing in their scope and effectiveness.”

Not the best judge of character.

Harvey Milk High School is a special place that fosters and supports a diverse, self-respecting and confident community. Always an honor to visit and meet their talented students and faculty. pic.twitter.com/i2EvZTytSb

— Carlina Rivera (@CarlinaRivera) January 11, 2024

#2 – FDR

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, or FDR, as commonly referenced, is heralded as the man who helped shape modern America. His policies and story of leadership through hardship are monumentalized with a sprawling memorial in Washington, DC, that takes you on a walking trip through the life accomplishments of our longest-serving Commander-in-Chief.

However, FDR signed Executive Order 9066 and created concentration camps for Japanese Americans. This Executive Order allowed for and instigated the rounding up of Japanese immigrants and descendants regardless of their citizenship as Americans.

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These people, many of whom were Americans, were only allowed to take with them what they could carry as they were ripped from their homes, jobs, businesses, and lives and placed in prison camps. Where are his comparisons to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis?

Not on his memorial, I can tell you that. However, that’s ok; let’s tear the whole thing down since that’s the standard.

Many think FDR is an American Hero, but his…

• 4 terms as President

• Efforts to expand the Supreme Court to push the New Deal Agenda

• Seizure of all gold from Americans

• Internment of 120K Japanese Americans in prison camps

• Affair with his wife’s Secretary, &


— Chase Geiser (@realchasegeiser) December 7, 2023

#3 – Bill Clinton

If we have learned anything from the left, thanks to the very public persecution of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, it’s that if you are a man and you are accused of sexual assault or rape, there is no need for any evidence to be considered guilty. As we often heard during Kavanaugh’s confirmation, he deserves, at a minimum, an asterisk next to his name in history books.

And so I give you as the next and obvious sacrifice to the alter of the #MeToo movement, President Bill Clinton. Besides the grotesque sexual activity that took place with his intern Monica Lewinsky, which, while consensual, was arguably by any standards sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior with a subordinate, there is an insurmountable list of reasons Bill Clinton deserves an asterisk.

We can’t forget Paula Jones, who claimed Bill Clinton exposed himself to her when he was governor, and Kathleen Willey, who said he fondled her breasts and forced her to put her hand in his crotch in the Oval Office. But the cherry on top of Bill Clinton’s sexual deviancy is Juanita Broaddrick.

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Juanita Broaddrick claimed that Bill Clinton raped her during his campaign for governor. In fact, her allegation had stronger legs than those against Justice Kavanaugh, with multiple witnesses who came forward to corroborate the timing of her story and claim that he was so forceful she had a swollen, bruised lip.

They say we must always believe the victim regardless of proof—it’s time to send Billy Boy to jail and throw away the key.

Bill Clinton? https://t.co/Qz5G2EriHM

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) January 18, 2024

#4 – Barack Obama

Nobel Prize winner and first black President, Barack Obama, is the liberal guru of political possibilities. President Barack Obama is easily sold as not only a flawless leader but possibly the coolest president since JFK – I mean, he plays basketball and would occasionally sneak a cigarette in the White House – how cool is that?!

Unfortunately, he’s a war criminal who directly enabled the massacre of hundreds of civilians in the Middle East. During his tenure, President Obama approved over 550 drone strikes that killed over 3,500 people.

Barack Obama assassinated an American teenager with a Predator drone, overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected government, and started wars in Libya, Syria, and Yemen, and they gave him a Nobel Peace Prize.

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) January 13, 2024

One of the first CIA drone strikes he signed off on was at a funeral that killed 41 Pakistani civilians. The following year after that drone strike, he approved over 125 CIA-led drone attacks that murdered 89 civilians.

His drone strikes also moved into countries where we weren’t actively engaged in conflicts, including Yemen. One particularly horrific drone strike in Yemen killed 55 people, including 21 children, 10 of whom were under the age of five.

Additionally, 12 of the murdered Yemeni civilians were women, of which five were pregnant. Time to ship him off to Guantanamo Bay; I hear it’s still open – Thanks a lot Obama!

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