I Just Tried on the Best New Shoe Trends in Zara—These 5 Stood Out From the Rest

With so many options landing in our new-in sections daily, it takes a particularly keen eye (and a lot of patience) to uncover the very best pieces on the high-street. Sure, we might not have to take the time to physically stalk around bricks and mortar stores anymore, but it still requires some serious effort to look through the lists and lists of seasonal drops online. But, luckily for you, sorting through the sub-par to find the sublime is our speciality. And for me, there’s no better place to find designer-looking pieces on the high street than Zara

I’ll admit—it is a love/hate affair when it comes to embarking on a Zara haul. More often than not it’s the store with the longest queue, and the website is so densely packed that you could spend a lifetime scrolling, but should you fancy tackling the challenge in order to find something truly special, it always ends up well worth the wait. After looking at the new-in section on the site (and in need of a new pair of shoes) I popped into Zara on my lunch break to see if what I loved online would look as good IRL. Suffice to say, I wasn’t disappointed, and there’s something in the mix for everyone

While I still head to Zara first to top-up the basics in my wardrobe, there is something to be said about the fashion-forward shoe design and particularly good prices. Looking for pieces that are on-trend? There are runway-fresh kitten heels. Something you’ll still be wearable in a years time? Loafers never go out of style. Affordable shoes that are comfortable too? Sorry M&S, Zara should top your list as the high street giant.

After spending my break trying on my favourite pairs (so you don’t have to), I’ve picked out 5 shoe trends that I predict will fly off shelves by the time spring kicks in. From the classic flats thats are enjoying a revival to the seasonal boot that looks just as chic year in, year out, these are the best new Zara shoes in-store and online. Keep scrolling to see my favourites and to shop the best.

Style Notes: If hashtags are to be believed, “Grandpacore” and the “eclectic Grandpa” are currently having a moment, and there is no better shoe to encapsulate this old-school approach to styling than the loafer. You might not be on board with argyle knits, sweater vests and corduroy, but there’s a lot to love about a chunky soled loafer with just enough distressed detail to look vintage—just ask Zara. Wear with a grey sock, mini skirt and a cosy knit to bring the look into 2024. 

Style Notes: What 2024 is calling the “office siren” aesthetic you may recognise as simple power dressing. It’s Giselle in The Devil Wears Prada, it’s blazers with cinched waists, and it’s a heeled shoe (always a heel), with an equally powerful pointy toe. They’re ultra-feminine, super glam, and though a court shoe will also do the job, this year is all about the slingback, especially with a trending pencil skirt. Thank you Zara design team for giving us several pairs of slingbacks to choose from, but also for the different heel heights for the days you’d like a more comfortable wear.  

Style Notes: It feels wrong to call knee-high boots a “trend” as their appeal is eternal, but over the last few months the tall boot really has been everywhere. From glossy, block-heeled styles to razor-sharp stilettos, these boots pair perfectly with every skirt and dress length possible. My personal favourites? This faux snakeskin pair that are heavy on the Noughties nostalgia. I can’t think of better way to elevate an outfit than a pair of shoes that look like they cost four figures but don’t even break three. 

Style Notes: Thanks to the approval of certified shoe gals Alexa Chung and Sarah Jessica Parker, the Mary-Jane has transformed from childhood favourite to chic city staple. Whether you prefer buckled flats or a dressier heel, this cute shoe makes for the perfect transitional shoe as you can wear them now with tights and bare-legged in spring. Not bad for a shoe you can pick up for under £45 in Zara. 

Style Notes: For the time being, you’re going to want something strong and sturdy to tackle the winter chill, and nothing says “tough” quite like a belt and braces (and buckles and straps) approach. On the runways and on socials silver jewellery is having a moment, and silver hardware is now making its way south of our ankles too. Expect plenty of studs, buckles and zips in a nod to biker styling from Zara’s new-season offerings. They work well now with leather and knits, but will also toughen up a pretty dress come spring. 

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