Did Jon Stewart Just Come Up With A Solution To Israel-Palestine?

Trying to get comedy out of Israel’s bombing of Gaza is a tall task, but behind the jokes, Jon Stewart offered a common-sense solution for the Israel-Palestine conflict.

After giving two joke solutions to the conflict, Stewart made his real point, “Starting now: No preconditions, no earned trust. No partners for peace. Israel stops bombing. Hamas releases the hostages. The Arab countries who claim Palestine is their top priority come in and form a demilitarized zone between Israel and a free Palestinian state. The Saudis, Egypt, UAE, Qatar, and Jordan, all form a nato arrangement guaranteeing security for both sides! Obviously, they won’t call it NATO; it’s the Middle East treaty organization. It’s me too! Tweet it out! Tonight, people! Let’s get this region me-too-ed! Now obviously, I haven’t worked out the exact verbiage, but anything is better than the [bleep] Cycle we have now. Because, honestly, what’s the alternative?”


All joking aside, the Middle East is one of the world’s most enduring and confounding policy riddles that no one has been able to solve. It is a complex geo-political situation, but in the case of Israel and Palestine, both Netanyahu and Hamas are united in the common goal of wanting war and conflict. Neither side wants peace, which is why people are needlessly dying each day.

Hamas must go, and Netanyahu needs to go too.

For those who are engaging in the magic thinking that Biden could stop Netanyahu just by cutting off the military aid, guess again. If the US cut off aid tomorrow, Netanyahu would still continue to bomb and kill Palestinians, because he is trying to avoid going to prison on corruption charges.

The Biden administration has negotiated another ceasefire. This one will be longer, at least two months, and hopefully, it will lead to the hostages being released and a permanent truce, but remember, Netanyahu has his own agenda, so the best way to get peace in Israel and Palestine is for the bad actors on each side who are committed to war to be shown the door.

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