Stephen Colbert Takes Down Fake Christian Trump

Stephen Colbert turned Trump speaking to a group of Christians into a sir story involving crosses and demons.

Colbert said, “Trump also spoke to a Christian radio group and pledged to protect whatever he thinks Christianity is.”

Trump said, “It’s very dangerous out there. They’re doing bad things. They want to tear down crosses where they can and cover them up with social justice flags. But no one will be touching the cross of Christ under the trump administration. I swear to you that will never happen.”

Colbert brought the joke home, “No one will be touching the cross because, as we all know, when you touch a cross, it burns. That happens to everyone, right? Then the little girl’s head spins right around, and a demon, big strong demon, never cried before, with tears in his eyes, says, “Sir.” [Growling] ”


The hypocrisy of supposed right-wing Christians supporting a man for president who clearly doesn’t have the first clue about Christianity never ceases to amaze. I used to think that Trump got all of his information from conservative media or Truth Social memes, but now it is clear that he is just making it up.

There has not been a wave of cross removals, but according to Donald Trump crosses are being ripped down everywhere and being replaced with social justice flags. The guy who held a bible upside down in a picture is also the place to go for all the latest news on cross vandalism.

Donald Trump is making up as he goes along, and Stephen Colbert called out the hypocrisy.

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