NYC Wants The Supreme Court To Let Over 800,000 Non-Citizens Vote

Now that New York City is handing out prepaid debit cards to illegal immigrants – we’re not kidding, we reported this on Tuesday – the city wants over 800,000 non-citizens to vote.

Including illegal immigrants.

Gee, ya think 800,000 illegal immigrants voting Democrat will make a difference? “NYC Council asking state’s highest court to let non-citizens vote in local elections after law struck down” https://t.co/Nj6Nop8ncF

— Darla Jaye (@DarlaJaye1) March 26, 2024

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Begging For Illegal Aliens To Vote

The New York City Council wants the state’s highest court to reverse recent rulings that struck down a law that would let non-citizens vote in local elections.

Yahoo reports, “An appeals court in February ruled the election law, passed by the council in 2021, unconstitutional. The law would have let upwards of 800,000 green card holders vote in local elections.”

“The Council passed Local Law 11 of 2022 to enfranchise 800,000 New Yorkers who live in our city, pay taxes, and contribute to our communities,” council spokesperson, Rendy Desamours, said in a statement. “Today’s filing to appeal the Second Department’s recent decision seeks a determination from the state’s highest court that the law is consistent with the State Constitution, Election Law, and the Municipal Home Rule Law.”

The story continued:

Empowering New Yorkers to participate in our local democratic process can only strengthen New York City by increasing civic engagement,” he added. “We look forward to the Court of Appeals’ consideration of the Council’s appeal.”

The case will head to the New York Court of Appeals.

Mayor Eric Adams, who supported the law, has not commented about the appeal. Fox News Digital has reached out to his office.

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NYC Won’t Give Up On This

They tried this when Bill DeBlasio was NYC mayor in 2021 and it got struck down then as well.

After the recent law passed that would allow non-citizens to vote, GOP House Rep. Nicole Malliotakis had been a plaintiff in the lawsuit that got it struck down.

“There is nothing more important than preserving the integrity of our election system and this unconstitutional law that has been struck down in two consecutive wins only diminished the voices of our citizenry,” Malliotakis said. “I urge the City to not waste more taxpayer money to join this appeal and instead focus on the needs of hardworking New Yorkers who are facing so many quality of life and public safety issues.”

Let’s hope the court’s ruling stands and non-citizens are not allowed to vote in American elections.

It’s a shame this even has to be said.

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