WAYNE ROOT: Here’s How President Trump Saves America. This Should be Trump’s First Act on Day One (1/20/25) of His New Presidency.

By Wayne Allyn Root

This will be the shortest commentary I’ve ever written. Because it’s this simple: Trump can go a long way to saving America by making this his first act on his first day back in office…

I know. I know. This nation has been so royally screwed by Biden (aka “Captain Dementia”) and his boss Obama (the real president) that it will take all four years and thousands of actions to turn things around.

But as Trump’s very first act on his very first day, this will set the tone…and put the whole country on notice there is a new sheriff in town…with a MAGA, America First, pro taxpayer, patriotic agenda.

Trump’s first act in office should be eliminating all $86 billion of new funding for the IRS…and terminating all 86,000 new IRS agents (many of them armed)…

And then turnaround and use the money to fund 86,000 new border agents (all of them armed).

Government agents should never again point their guns at law-abiding American taxpayers and instead they should point their guns at law-breaking, illegal alien invaders.

That very first act will set the tone for “Making America Great Again.”

Now I know there will be many other Executive Actions necessary on day one- in particular, securing the border…funding the wall…restoring Title 42…killing all green energy mandates so we can make America energy independent again…killing all electric car mandates to save America’s auto industry…and an immediate pardon for all J6 political hostages. We desperately need to get all of that done on day one.

And even those actions are just a small part of the necessary agenda on day one.

But nothing says “America is back in business”…and the U.S. government is no longer acting as an enemy of its own citizens than…

Firing all 86,000 new IRS agents…and hiring 86,000 border agents.

On that day, I will cry tears of happiness. And I’ll be the proudest and happiest man in the greatest country in world history, ever blessed by God.

No more government hatred for the American people…no more invasion of America…fewer IRS agents and more border agents…all is right with the world.

This one act by itself may not instantly save America…but it sure is a great start!

God bless Trump and God bless America.

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