Greg Gutfeld: Democrats Care More About Criminals Than You (VIDEO)

In a recent monologue, Greg Gutfeld focused on some of the high profile crimes that have happened in New York City over the past few weeks and the lame response from the people in charge.

Greg talks about the Democrats and their obsession with bail reform and how this places a higher priority on the rights of criminals, instead of law abiding citizens.

Despite a lot of talk from Mayor Adams and others, things keep getting worse.

Partial transcript via FOX News:

So here in New York City, the subway system is running a special lottery, but unlike my used underwear raffle, it’s a lottery that no one wants to win. Because with random attacks on the trains rising faster than Truth Social’s stock price, your chances of getting through the subway system without encountering a raving lunatic are about the same as getting through Jesse’s book.

New York subway is so dangerous these days, it could be Ukraine or even San Francisco, or that time I ate Taco Bell right before my water aerobics class. So as New York Democrat leaders, all of whom, by the way, have armed protection details, hold press conferences telling us they feel our pain and are praying for the families.

What they conveniently ignore is that none of this is actually random, it’s as predictable as women fainting when I forget to close my robe. Because it’s the policies of these leaders, most of which were forced through in the wake of George Floyd, that are directly causing all of this. It’s why today, blue cities are all turning red, blood-red. Here in NYC, the man arrested for the murder of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller during a car stop had 21 prior arrests, including multiple felonies.

Hey Dems, I know you don’t like the old three strikes rule, but could we maybe get a 20 strikes rule? His partner, who was driving the car had 14 priors, including attempted murder.

Watch the whole thing below:

Nothing is going to change until people elect new leaders.

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