Trump Is Considering Sen. Katie Britt To Be His Running Mate

Among the dozen or so names in contention to be Trump’s running mate is Sen. Katie Britt, who starred in the disastrous SOTU response.

Politico reported on Trump’s list of potential running mates:

The names under consideration continue to be in flux, according to multiple people familiar with the list, who describe it as being in “pencil, not pen.” But it includes Sens. Scott of South Carolina, Vance of Ohio, Katie Britt of Alabama and Marco Rubio of Florida, as well as Govs. Noem of South Dakota, Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas and Doug Burgum of North Dakota. Donalds, the Florida representative, and Gabbard, the former Hawaii representative, among others, are also being considered or have been floated by Trump.

This might be the most depressing list of potential running mates that I have seen from a presumptive major party nominee in my entire career.

If Trump keels over and descends downward to his eternal afterlife, none of the people on his list should be trusted with the presidency. No one on his list would be qualified or inspire confidence if they had to step in and be president.

Trump went with Pence in 2016 because he was trying to court the right-wing evangelical vote. In 2024, Trump appears to be looking for a token that he thinks will boost him with a group of voters. Trump has women, African-Americans, a Cuban-America, and a couple of white guys.

It would be hilarious if Trump picked Katie Britt, but no matter who he chooses, none of his options look likely to move the needle in 2024.