Maxio Unveils Flagship PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD Controller: Up To 14.8 GB/s, 3.5 Million IOPS, 4800 MT/s Flash Support, 8 TB Capacities

Maxio has unveiled three brand-new PCIe Gen5 SSD controllers offering speeds of up to 14.8 GB/s and up to 64 TB capacities. Maxio Technology Unveils New Enterprise & Consumer PCIe Gen5 SSD Controller: Up To 14.8 GB/s Speeds, 64 TB Capacities, 4800 MT/s Flash Memory Support Maxio Technology, a brand relatively not that much known in the DRAM segment, has unveiled a trio of its next-gen PCIe Gen5 SSD controllers. These include the MAP1802 / MAP1806 Consumer-grade and the MAP1803 Enterprise controllers. All these are based on the latest technologies that offer over 14 GB/s speeds. Starting with the flagship […]

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