Intel Beechnut City “LGA 4710” Socket Motherboard For Next-Gen Intel Xeon 6 Granite Rapids & Sierra Forest CPU Leaks Out

Intel’s LGA 4710 socket-based reference platform, Beechnut City, has been picture & is ready to support Xeon 6 Granite Rapids & Sierra Forest CPUs. Intel’s LGA 4710 Socket Is Huge But There’s An Even Bigger LGA 7529 Socket For Xeon 6 CPUs On The Horizon, Ready For Granite Rapids & Sierra Forest Intel recently announced the brand new “Xeon 6” family codename for its next-generation Xeon CPU family segmented in the P-Core and E-Core lineups. While Intel has yet to unveil the specific SKUs featured under these lineups, it looks like YuuKi_AnS has some goodies for us which come with […]

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