AMD To End HS, H & U Branding For 15-45W Mobile CPUs, Strix Adopts “Ryzen AI” Branding That Scales Across Multiple TDPs

AMD is ending its HS, H & U branding which helped distinguish between Ryzen Mobile CPUs & adopting the “Ryzen AI” naming convention across all next-gen SKUs starting Strix Point. AMD “Ryzen AI” Branding To Be Used Across All Next-Gen 15-45W Mobile CPUs Starting Strix Point Marking The End of HS, H & U Series In a previous post, we reported how AMD was going to go all in on the “Ryzen AI” branding for its future APUs such as Strix Point and its derivatives. Now, Lenovo China’s manager at Weibo seems to agree with this information and has said […]

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