Naomi Campbell and Marc Jacobs Talk Louis Vuitton and Self-Love on No Filter With Naomi

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In one of this week’s episodes of Naomi Campbell’s new YouTube series, No Filter With Naomi, Marc Jacobs reveals he is currently having the same nail issues as the rest of us.

“They’re gels and they’re chipping and it’s now 3 or 4 weeks since I’ve had them done,” the designer describes of his burgundy and metallic tips. “They’re going to fall off and that’s that. I’ll use regular polish. And my roots are growing in and it’s all gonna be what it’s gonna be.”

The chat with Jacobs is must-see, with him discussing his firing from Perry Ellis following the infamous grunge collection show in 1993. “The first person who said, ‘I’m going to help you, was Gianni Versace.’ ”

And midway through the conversation both he and Campbell acknowledge their troubled past. “I am a drug addict. I am an alcoholic. I had hair transplants. I had filler…” Jacobs declares. “We are recovering addicts,” Campbell interjects.

There are lighter moments too, including a tale of how Jacobs sent a private jet to spirit Campbell, a dozen other models and Andre Leon Talley out of Milan when they were unable to get to Paris in time for fittings for Jacobs’ first show for Louis Vuitton.

“He sent a private plane with Louis Vuitton boxes inside for each of us,” Campbell describes to viewers. “And I remember saying, ‘Marc, make sure the paparazzi are there so they can shoot us with our Vuitton luggage all arriving.” They were, and Campbell was front and centre with her baby blue Keepall.

But it’s Jacobs’ message of self-love that will be so inspiring to many.

“When I was a young kid, I mean really young, I was bullied a lot for the way I dressed and the way I looked,” he describes. “I was 9 years old. I had hair down to my ass. I would embroider my jeans. I would paint on my denim jackets. I was very torn because I felt this crazy need to express myself.”

Over the years with therapy, he has learned to deal with his yearning for self-expression, he says. “I will not be ashamed at how I look and how I present myself. One of my tattoos on my chest is shameless. I was bullied for being me. I am not going to hide. I am not going to be quieted. It’s a journey to find one’s true self. And when you find that true self, don’t you let anybody tell you you’re not good enough. I don’t want to be accepted. I want to belong. I don’t want to fit in. I want to belong.”

Although Campbell uses one too many one-name references that could be especially baffling to younger viewers, No Filter feels pretty much like what the rest of us are doing, connecting with friends (Nicole Richie and Cindy Crawford have also made appearances) while cooped up at home due to COVID.

Watch the Marc Jacobs episode below:

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