Fears on inheritance tax surface among wealthy landowners

Large estate owners accelerate transfer plans ahead of election

Turkish football’s season from hell points to deeper societal malaise

Country’s dominant sport joins the ranks of those institutions in which the public has lost faith

Copper price to rocket to $40,000 a tonne, says top trader Andurand

Hedge fund manager shifts focus to red metal after bullish oil bets backfired last year

Iris Knobloch, the Cannes boss facing up to France’s #MeToo moment

The first woman at the helm of world’s biggest film festival must steer it through a critical time for the ...

The end of US revenge travel has arrived

All the pent-up demand from the pandemic is at risk of being tapped out

Trump woos reluctant New Yorkers in Bronx rally

Former president reaches out to Black and Latino voters with anti-immigrant message

What if the government insured you against a pay cut?

New evidence from the US suggests such a scheme could pay for itself

How red Texas became a model for green energy

The state’s solar surge proves that the energy transition defies politics

Has Europe already reached its demographic tipping point?

The EU’s population is shrinking faster than expected, putting strain on government finances and the bloc’s long-term prospects

Janet Yellen says many Americans still struggling with inflation

US Treasury secretary expresses concern over ‘substantial’ increases in living costs

Business seeks clear victor in UK general election

Executives want winning party to have strong mandate and be able to embark on period of consistent policymaking

Bhutan turns to ‘Gross National Happiness 2.0’ as crisis deepens

Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay stated that the country’s approach to GNH is changing on some level because of its ...

OpenAI sends internal memo releasing former employees from controversial exit agreements

OpenAI on Thursday sent an internal memo releasing former employees from non-disparagement agreements that did not expire, which had incited ...

CIO shares Nvidia alternatives to cash in on the AI theme: ‘There’s another way to play this’

Nvidia is showing no signs of slowing down, but there are other ways to play the AI trend, according to ...

What women should know about Medicare coverage for health screenings and exams

When women don’t receive regular care, they could skip important preventive measures like mammograms. Read More

Waymark CEO slams health care reform that treat visits like a ‘loyalty rewards program’

Dr. Rajaie Batniji the CEO Waymark said some organizations aren’t going beyond the minimum requirements of value-based care. Read More

Colleges can pay students after NCAA, conferences agree to $2.8 billion settlement

The deal still must be approved by the federal judge overseeing the case and challenges could arise. Read More

‘Quiet vacations’ are the latest way millennials are rebelling against in-person work

Young employees want work-life balance and are willing to craft elaborate work-arounds to make it happen. Read More

HPV vaccines prevent cancer in men as well as women, but fewer boys are getting the shots, new research suggests

“It’s really important that teenagers get exposed to the vaccine before they’re exposed to the virus.” Read More

Probe finds no ‘error’ in hiring Sullivan & Cromwell for FTX bankruptcy

Examiner had investigated questions over law firm’s ties to bankrupt crypto exchange and founder Sam Bankman-Fried

SEC paves way for ethereum ETFs in boost for crypto

Approvals follow January debut of first US spot bitcoin ETFs

Target to cut Crown Court backlog ‘no longer achievable’, finds NAO

Pressure builds in justice system as victims and defendants wait on average two years for justice

UK consumer confidence hits two-year high in May

Public sentiment improves ahead of election but cost of living pressures still weigh on households

Nvidia’s landmark performance hasn’t been seen ‘in the history of capitalism,’ says tech CEO

Nvidia’s quarterly results catapulted its stock up 9% a day after reporting earnings, crossing the $1,000 threshold for the first ...

SEC approves rule change to allow creation of ether ETFs

The regulator said it will allow exchanges to list funds that buy and hold the ether cryptocurrency, following a similar ...

Morgan Stanley tells investors to avoid hedge funds’ overcrowded trades

Owning hedge funds’ most crowded trades could be risky in the event of a herd-like stampede from systematic traders, Morgan ...

Mike Lynch tells US jury Autonomy ‘wasn’t perfect’ but denies fraud

British tech entrepreneur takes the stand at trial over 2011 acquisition by HP

Starwood limits redemptions in struggling $10bn property fund

Faced with dwindling liquidity and a wave of demands from investors, Sternlicht’s investment vehicle blocks the doors

SEC completes abrupt U-turn to approve Ethereum ETFs in ‘politically driven’ move

“It’s one of the biggest regulatory one-eighties in recent SEC history,” VanEck told Fortune. Read More