Smash + Tess Design Scrub Caps to Donate to Local Healthcare Workers

Vancouver-based fashion brand Smash + Tess has today announced a new initiative to help support those working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of the Canadian brand’s customers is Jessica Lu, a respiratory therapist in BC who shared that many healthcare workers are creating their own headpieces to help alleviate the pressure put on their ears from wearing medical masks all day long. The headpieces also serve to cover their hair as an extra level of protection against COVID-19.

Upon hearing this, Smash + Tess decided to repurpose some of its romper fabric to create scrub caps to donate to hospital workers across BC. The designs have been made in a leopard print, moss green and baby pink. So far, 500 LuLove Caps have been made and will be distributed this week.

smash + tess

To keep the initiative going and to support as many frontline workers as possible, the brand has enabled donations via its website. Upon checkout, customers will be given the option to donate $5, which Smash + Tess will then match and a scrub cap will be made and donated. There’s also an option to donate directly on the site. All funds collected are being directly used to manufacture and distribute the scrub caps.

Speaking to FASHION about the initiative, brand founder Ashley Freeborn said, “At Smash + Tess, we believe in looking good, feeling good, and doing good. We have a large group of healthcare workers within our community and identified that we have a unique opportunity to help those caring for us and keeping us all safe. We learned there’s a void in the marketplace for headwear and with our access to our signature, super soft romper fabric, and local production in Vancouver, BC., we jumped into action designing and starting production within days of hearing from Jessica Lu. The non-medical grade LuLove Cap covers hair and also allows wearers to put their mask straps on strategically placed buttons, alleviating pain and discomfort from the straps on their ears. We pooled our resources and engaged our community and the result is a labour of love for those who labour for our loved ones every day.”

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