‘Trolls World Tour’ may be just the distraction your kids are looking for

OSTN Staff

'Trolls World Tour' may be just the distraction your kids are looking for

Under normal circumstances, Trolls World Tour would be a totally fine piece of kiddie entertainment, an animated movie cute and clever enough to enthrall the little ones without antagonizing the grownups.

Under the circumstances we’re in right now, Trolls World Tour is…well, it’s still that. But it’s also a boon to families eager for a new distraction during social distancing, and its earnest if unoriginal message of harmony and togetherness may even resonate a teeny bit harder. 

The film wastes no time getting to the fun stuff. The first five minutes alone include covers of three separate songs, with dozens of trolls bopping to the beat each time. Along the way, it recaps the last film and sets up the premise of this one: Queen Barb (voiced with adorable attitude by Rachel Bloom) is set on conquering all the troll kingdoms under the banner of rock music, while back in Pop land, the blissfully unaware Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick) sets out to befriend her. Read more…

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