This Secret Source Has So Much Discounted Prada and Gucci, Your Head Will Spin

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to curb my impulse shopping and stick to the old quality over quantity adage, which allows me to splurge on more designer pieces that I would if I were just buying everything that struck my fancy. That said, the sticker shock for designer goods is real, so I try my best to not pay full price, which brings me to Italist

In case you’re not familiar, Italist is a genius site that sells designer goods at the Italian retail price, which is usually 30%-40% less than retail prices around the world. The goods ship directly from Italy for free, arriving in 2-4 days. Not only that, the designer items in question are current season, so you’re not just shopping for unsold last-season pieces that are being unloaded. Currently, there’s tons of S/S 20 stock to choose from, and F/W 20 pieces are starting to arrive. (Did I mention that on top of the already discounted prices, they also have frequent markdowns?)

Among the vast inventory is tons of Gucci, Prada, Loewe, Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Paco Rabanne, Saint Laurent, Jacquemus, and plenty more. Scroll to shop some of my favorite pieces if you want to avoid getting very overwhelmed.

For obvious reasons, I want this.

Shoes with chain details are all the rage.

Hello, most perfect pants ever.

Wait until you see them from the front.

A forever bag worth investing in.

You lucked out if these are still available in your size.

A skirt that can easily be dressed up or down.

It’s rare to see a leather Prada bag for less that $1k.

Possibly the chicest cardigan in existence.

Ready to ease back into fall shopping? I am.

This would also work as a light jacket when unbuttoned.

There’s one pair left, who’s buying them?

I can’t imagine these going out of style anytime soon.

This looks like an epic vintage find.

Something to see you through the rest of summer.

Just for fun. Additional sizes available here.

Everyone loves this It bag.

I might have to make these my new everyday boots for fall.

This might be one of the best trenches I’ve seen in awhile.

A classic black wallet is the way to go.

As glamourous as it gets.

It’s still an It bag.

Closing it out with something cozy.

Next up, 29 flats, boots, sneakers, and low heels that’ll sell out before fall hits.

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