Influencer’s ‘putrid’ toilet disaster

The star recently discovered the bathroom disaster, and boyfriend Filip Poznanovic filmed her hilarious efforts to plunge the drain and free the blockage.
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Over a series of Instagram Stories, an often gagging Power is seen plunging the toilet and the drain in an effort to fix the plumbing problem.The self-confessed “massive germaphobe” was visibly horrified by the task, claiming, “I feel violated and that I have PTSD from this.”
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After a while, brown liquid and solids began to emerge from a drain on the bathroom floor, which Poznanovic described as “putrid” and “disgusting”.During the course of the horror chore, Power reached deep into the drain and pulled out hair, solids which she claimed were “rocks” and bathroom wet wipes, which the couple believed was the cause of the blockage in the first place.
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“I just feel kind of sick,” a horrified Power said towards the end of the job, and at one point asked to call a plumber, before being told by Poznanovic it was “too late” for that.However, after plunging her hand right into the toilet, Power pulled it off, and eventually, the toilet began flushing as normal.“I’m basically a plumber now, so if you need my digits, I can basically unblock anything,” she joked at the end of her ordeal.

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