From Beauty to Jewelry, These 6 Black-Owned Brands Are Getting Major Attention

Like many over the past year, it’s become increasingly more important to me to be deliberate about what I buy. Gilt City is always a great resource because its expert-curated collection of brands leads me directly to what is new and upcoming (and the insider-level discounts don’t hurt either). When I can, I want to support small businesses, where my money is going to make the most impact, which is why I was super excited to see Gilt City partner with six Black-owned beauty and jewelry brands that were all created to fill important holes in beauty and fashion spaces. Especially in beauty, where inclusivity in representation and service has been lacking for far too long, Unsun Cosmetics, Nuele, BeautyStat, Tone Dermatology, and Taylor Beauty have created sunscreens, hair serums, dermatological services, and more for people of all skin tones. Plus Oma the Label offers some of the cutest, well-made jewelry at accessible price points. Right now you can purchase credits ranging from 30 to 50% off Unsun, BeautyStat, Oma, Nuele, Tone, and Taylor.

Katonya Breaux created Unsun Cosmetics to fill the beauty industry’s dearth of high-quality, natural SPF products for women of color. Unsun’s mineral tinted sunscreen comes in a light/medium and medium/dark shades, so it’s ideal as a primer under your makeup or completely alone for a natural glow without any white residue. There’s also an everyday mineral face sunscreen and SPF hand cream because your hands need protection, too.

Ron Robinson is a cosmetic chemist who worked for Clinique, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, and Revlon before branching off on his own to launch his own beauty brand. BeautyStat started with a 20% pure vitamin C skin refiner, which was one of the first products to have stabilized vitamin C. From there, BeautyStat has developed a hyaluronic acid and ceramide-rich moisturizer, vitamin C eye protector, and pure squalane essence.

New York stylist Neumi Anekhe launched Oma the Label in 2018 with a mission to disrupt the lack of diversity in the fashion space. Her designs feature all the styles the fashion set are wearing right now: chunky chain necklaces, herringbone links, and large hoops, just to name a few. All pieces are created with high-quality materials and marketed at affordable price points so that anyone who wears them can feel empowered and confident.

Nuele’s hair serum is the product of four years of research by Christine Martey-Ochola, MD, and Anne Cheatham, two women scientists who were set on taking control of their locks and giving them a healthy glow. Formulated with natural ingredients from female farmers in Ghana and Morocco, this hair serum has five concentrated oils (joboba, moringa, argan, rosemary, and clary sage) that work to bring out the best in all hair types, from curly to straight. And with your order, Nuele will plant a moringa tree in Ghana in your name.

Caroline Robinson, MD, not only is a medical and cosmetic dermatologist, but she’s also a champion for diversity in dermatology and reducing healthcare disparities for people of color. Her mission to promote education and treat skin conditions that are common for folks with darker skin was a huge inspiration for her brand Tone Dermatology, which is a patient-oriented dermatological office in Chicago’s South Side. Tone offers medical and cosmetic services via virtual appointments and through its curated online shop that sells products for all sorts of skin needs, from your scalp to your toes.

Speaking of taking care of hands, now more than ever our hands need a little extra moisture to offset all the extra washing and sanitizing we’re doing these days. Taylor Beauty is a family-run line of hand lotions inspired by aspects in the family’s daily life: Peche is named after their trip to St. Maarten, where the idea for Taylor Beauty was born; Blue Razz is an ode to their favorite candy and slushy flavor; Coconut Kiwi is to serve as a constant reminder of summer and tropical fun; Strawberry Avocado represents two ingredients that go with everything they want to eat.

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