I, not Ryan, started the fire in ‘The Office’. The cloud made me do it.

I, not Ryan, started the fire in 'The Office'. The cloud made me do it.

Workplace mysteries create chaos, with fingers pointed, blame thrown. And sometimes, we get it wrong. Dunder Mifflin, even you got it wrong. 

Because, dear reader…

🔥🎶 Ry-an Shan-non started the fiiiiire! It was always burning since the world’s been turning.🎶🔥

Replicating one of TV’s biggest crimes — the Season 2, episode 4 fire from The Office — highlights just one of the chaotic things you’re allowed to do in Rain On Your Parade, an indie game by Unbound Creations, released on Steam in May 2020 and added to consoles in April 2021.

The scene? Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, or a version of it. The culprit? Me, a cardboard rain cloud, equipped with a party hat, novelty mug, and the will to succeed. The crime? Starting The Fire, the third best thing to ever happen on The Office. And the act brought me closer to the show than I expected, because I wasn’t just watching it happen, I caused it all.  Read more…

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