Secret funeral plans for The Queen revealed

The plan in waiting to mark the Queen’s death across the Commonwealth have been exclusively revealed by Troy Bramston in The Weekend Australian, including 10 days of mourning and a national day of commemoration – a public holiday is likely – to mark the passing of a truly great moncarch.The offical term for the 10 days of mourning will be known as “the demise of the crown” while the Queen’s actual day of death will be “D-Day”.Following a state ­funeral will be the ascension to the throne of a new king, details of which are being ­finalised and shared now with Commonwealth countries.Part of the brief, given to successive prime ministers over the years, has been revised with an updated version prepared for Australia’s new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, who will be informed of the Queen’s death an hour before it is offically announced.As with the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh last year, the advance notice will come from Buckingham Palace via Government House.Upon the Queen’s death, the Prince of Wales becomes King Charles III and Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge, becomes heir.Governor-general David Hurley will publicly announce to Australians that the Executive Council has proclaimed Charles III their kingA statement already drafted will be read by the prime minister.Australia’s official mourners will number four and include the prime minister and governor-general and most likely their spouses – Opposition Leader Peter Dutton will not be included.The same will apply to leaders and official mourners across the Commonwealth.In addtion, there will be as many as 12 invitations sent to Australians of import, including Indigenous Australians and representatives from charitable, religious, sporting and community groups to attend the event in London.As Commonwealth leaders make their way to London for the funeral, Pacific leaders of the Commonwealth will be transported by two RAAF planes for the funeral at Westminster Abbey.A young Elizabeth became Queen in February 1952 and was crowned in June 1953. At age 96, she is the longest reigning British monarch.The announcement of her death will be made from Buckingham Palace and a framed notice will be secured to the fence as the palace floodlights are switched off.The bell at Windsor Castle will toll once per minute for each year of the Queen’s reign from midday. Bells will also toll at St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey and from churches across Australia.In the nation’s capital, a gun salute will sound at Lake Burley Griffin either on the day of the Queen’s death or the day after – D+1.Salutes will continue for the duration of the mourning period and, as in the UK, flags will be flown at half-mast for 10 days, except the day of accession. Online condolence books will opene around the UK, as well as at Parliament House in Canberra.On the fifth day of mourning, the Queen’s casket will move in procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall to lie in state for four days. Big Ben will toll for each minute during the procession. On the 10th day of mourning a procession will make its way to Westminster Abbey before Big Ben strikes once at 11am to mark the beginning of two minutes of national silence before funeral proceedings begin.A committal service will be held at 3.55pm at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. A private burial will take place at The King George VI Memorial Chapel at 7pm.An Australian service is being planned at an Anglican cathedral after the state funeral while Parliament, if not sitting, will be recalled for a condolence motion.Thus the reign of King Charles III will begin.

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