Gigi Hadid Wore a Crop Top and Low-Rise Pants in the Most Approachable Way

The low-rise trend is anything but approachable, at least when it comes to the early aughts version of it. Back then, pants featured zippers that were at most two inches long, leaving everybody who wore them vulnerable to the infamous whale tail. But with the style making a comeback in the ’20s, a fresher, more wearable take has risen in fashion. And there are few street style stars who wear it better than Gigi Hadid

On Monday, the supermodel was seen out in NoHo wearing the 2022 version of low-rise pants, paired with a blue shacket, a white crop top, and $80 Reebok sneakers. And just as they tended to be during their ’00s heyday, her low-rise pants were the clear statement maker of the look. But unlike their former reputation, Hadid’s khaki pants looked anything but out of reach or difficult to style. Rather, I’m already coming up with easy ways to copy them.

Shop the low-rise pants in my shopping cart, all of which are inspired by Hadid’s off-duty ensemble. 

On Gigi Hadid: Reebok Club C 85 Vintage Sneakers ($80); Loro Piana Leather Top Handle Bag ($1650); Urban Sophistication phone case; String Ting phone charm

Prepare for plenty of “Where’d you get those?” questions upon wearing these.

As someone who has missed out on her fair share of Pixie Market finds, I can tell you with certainty that these won’t last long. 

This is what’s called a no-brainer. 

Perfectly slouchy.

The coolest. 

Don’t sleep on Lioness.

How pretty is this shade of green? 

I, for one, am buying these as we speak.

These are a great idea. 

Good American never fails to impress.

Army pants and flip-flops, anyone? 

I’m biased toward Agolde jeans for about 1000 reasons.

COS items sell out way too fast for you to dillydally. 

A must.

Low-rise satin trousers? It doesn’t get much better than that. 

These will get tons of wear, period. 

For your next extremely successful post on Instagram.

It’s giving aughts (in all the best ways). 

Yes, yes, 1000% yes. 

I recently tried these on, and yes, they really are as good as they look online. 

This distress level is 10/10. 

Clearly you (and I) need these jeans. 

Coming up: And Now, the Controversial Trend Already Taking Over for Spring

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