My Favorite Lip Oil Is Free During This Summer Sale, so I’m Stocking Up

This summer, I have a few skincare goals that I’m determined to meet. The first is to apply sunscreen every single day (as someone who’s prone to sun damage and hyperpigmentation, this one is major). The second is to start using retinol more consistently (which only makes the first goal all the more important). The third is to give some TLC to my eyes and lips. I hate to say it, but I tend to concentrate on my skin as a whole and skip the regular use of eye and lip care products. Not anymore.  Meeting my third skincare goal means investing in a high-quality eye cream and using it every day. It also means rounding up all of my most moisturizing lip products to use whenever my lips start to feel dry and dehydrated. See, I want to prevent chapped lips from ever happening in the first place—not just treat them once they do.  Speaking of moisturizing lip products, my go-to summertime favorite is a lightweight lip oil. It looks like a gloss, yet it moisturizes and never feels sticky. I’m stocking up on it so I can have silky smooth lips all summer long. Keep reading to see which lip oil it is and learn how you can get it for free during a summer skincare sale! 

The lip oil in question is Versed’s Silk Slip Conditioning Lip Oil. It’s chock-full of moisturizing and smoothing ingredients (but more on that in a minute). For now, let’s talk about the texture. 

The problem I have with most lip oils is that they don’t last. Five minutes after I apply most formulas, they all but disappear from my lips. It’s hard to feel like they’re actually working when that happens.  This lip oil is different. It actually sticks around. But that doesn’t mean it feels heavy and sticky. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It has a lightweight and smooth texture that feels, well, per the name of the product, silky.  My favorite part about it is that it looks like a gloss. So, not only are my lips being treated to a variety of moisturizing ingredients, but they’re shiny, too. It’s not giving Y2K goopy gloss, though—just a nice and subtle sheen. 

The reason this lip oil is so moisturizing is that it’s formulated with a combination of plant oils like jojoba, camellia, sesame, and sunflower seed oils. It also contains antioxidant-rich vitamin E for a smoothing effect. Translation? It will treat and prevent chapped lips with every swipe. 

The lip oil comes in four varieties. There’s the original clear formula (a classic if I say so myself) and three tinted versions. This one, which is called Blossom, has a soft pink shade. 

Next up, there’s the shade Ruby, which the brand describes as a classic blue-red. 

The third tinted lip oil is Fig. The brand describes this shade as a “mauvey berry.” 

Even though the colors look bold and opaque when they come out of the tube, they sheer out once they’re applied to the lips. If anything, the tinted versions give the lips a subtle wash of color. It’s the perfect no-makeup-makeup lip product for summer.  

If you can’t decide on which shade you like best, and you want all three, you can buy the trio. With that being said, though, you can get a lip oil for free during Versed’s Fourth of July summer sale (but I’m getting ahead of myself. More on that in a second). 

This variety pack, which is called Cherry on Top, contains all three shades of the lip oil, so you don’t have to choose just one. It’s the best way to have a silky lip summer.  

Now for the important part. You can get a free lip oil during Versed’s Fourth of July summer sale. Consider this your chance to stock up for summer. On the flip side, if you’ve never tried the lip oil before, now’s your chance. See all the details, below.  From July 1 through July 4, Versed is offering a FREE Silk Slip Conditioning Lip Oil for orders of $45+. Use the code SILKSLIP at checkout.

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