ABC star’s worrying tweets as show ends

The 59-year-old Australian comedian took to Twitter to deny rumours the show had been axed, but said it was “true” he won’t be returning next year. “This is entirely down to me, okay? After 11 years and 15 seasons, I just felt it was time for someone younger to take advantage of the resources and opportunities on offer. I’m turning 60 in a week for f**k’s sake,” Micallef wrote.The news has rattled one of the show’s core cast members, Australian actor Tosh Greenslade, who posted a flurry of concerning tweets saying he was “anxious” about his future after filming on Micallef’s final season wraps in September.Greenslade, a father-of-one, wrote on social media that “interest in employing me outside the show has been limited at best.”“Chances are high that come September I won’t be an actor anymore,” Greenslade added. “Some miracle might happen before then, but I have a family to look out for.“I’m heartbroken and anxious about the future, but in the world we live in, who isn’t? Not giving up just yet, I’ve still got 3 months to try to make something happen, but if they play out like the last 10 years I’ll still be eternally grateful that I got to live my dreams.”Fans flooded the comments section begging Greenslade “not to give up”, to which he responded: “It’s not surrendering to make sure I can feed my little boy and keep the heating on. I won’t be quitting acting, I’ll be quitting being an unemployed actor.”In another comment, Greenslade said: “I’m also a father and partner and can’t afford to keep trying to crack an industry that doesn’t want anything to do with me. Keeping on trying means having no income while the industry waits for me to take a hint.”Greenslade, who has a one-year-old son Ted with his partner Anna Webster, has featured on Mad As Hell across its entire 11-year run.He has played a diverse range of characters during his stint, including advertising guru Flornoy Quimbie.ABC is yet to comment on the future of Mad As Hell.However, Micallef added in subsequent tweets that he was working with the ABC on “evolving the show with someone else in the chair or maybe making different shows using our very talented cast and crew.”

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