Everyone’s Talking About J.Crew, so I Tried Out These 12 Picks for Myself

J.Crew is not a new brand by any means, but with the buzz it’s been getting recently, it certainly sounds like it could be. With the help of its new head of women’s design, Olympia Gayot, the brand went from being a destination for preppy lovers to a fashion-set staple. Yes, J.Crew has always offered pieces like blazers, trousers, and button-downs, but the new styling and vintage-like silhouettes that Gayot has incorporated into the recent collections have caught everyone’s attention.

I always leaned into the edgy aesthetic as a teenager, so even in high school when J.Crew was the place to shop, I never stepped foot into the store. But after a quick scroll through Gayot’s Instagram, I wanted everything she was wearing. It wasn’t just the pieces—her way of styling each item made them look chic yet wearable. I knew I had to put the new J.Crew to the test, so I picked out 12 items to try out for myself. Keep scrolling to see my honest review of each piece and how I took notes from Gayot in styling them.

I always thought a full business suit would look too office-like, but with the right accessorizing, I was able to make it look a bit more effortless and relaxed.

My Review: Blazers can often feel a little too heavy and constraining, but made out of Gramercy twill, this blazer is both durable and breathable. Because of this drapey fabric, this piece can easily go from the office to post-work activities.

My Review: If I had to buy one item from this roundup, it would be these trousers. They feel extremely comfortable on the skin and have the ideal relaxed silhouette that I look for. Even though I’m 5’3″, these hit at the perfect length. 

My Review: Even to accessorize, I like to use a quality sweater, and this is exactly that. It drapes nicely over the shoulders without being too heavy.

My Review: If I’m being honest here, I never thought I’d ever own a pair of ballet flats, let alone bright-red ballet flats. But these quickly have become my new favorite shoes. The leather is great quality, and they fit like a glove. I always thought I’d need to opt for heels to elevate a look, but these flats do the job.

At first, a sweater and trousers seem like a fairly simple outfit, but after studying Gayot’s outfits, I learned that a belt and heels can take even the simplest looks up a notch.

My Review: While I loved layering the sweater over my shoulders, it’s even better worn. It has a comfortable fit that’s not too oversize. The sweater also hits at the right length, just enough to be slightly tucked in.

My Review: Everyone has been obsessed with J.Crew’s knotted tote bag, and I predict this bag will easily become a fan favorite. It’s a bit more elevated than the tote and fits all my essentials. I can definitely see myself opting for this on the regular. 

When I think of classic J.Crew, I think of neutrals. But the brand has upped its game in the color department, incorporating hues like lime green and shocking pink into its collections. This is an ideal summer look, but I’ll likely be wearing this into fall as well—maybe with a leather coat on top.

My Review: I’ve always wanted a silky top in cream, but they often look low quality or are too see-through. That’s certainly not the case with this one. I own way too many button-downs, but this one was too good not to add to the collection. 

My Review: I liked how these pants fit at the waist, but they weren’t as comfortable as the other trousers I’ve tried on from J.Crew. If you like pants to be a bit more structured, these would be a great choice. As someone who goes the more relaxed route, I’m going to have to pass on these in the long-term.

My Review: I’ve never been one to wear body-contouring tanks, but I need more of these in my wardrobe. It’s double layered but still feels breathable. I’m not a fan of bodysuits, but I like how this tank has extra length so it can easily be tucked in. 

Denim is never a bad idea and always looks good with all black. While I usually opt for oversize jackets, I’ve been playing with different proportions, and this cropped one just works so well with my relaxed trousers.

My Review: When I first saw this top, I was intrigued by its design. While I love the look of a classic denim jacket, this silhouette is still classic but has just the right touch of trendiness. It’s sturdy and high-quality denim but doesn’t feel uncomfortable as a top.

My Review: See look one.

My Review: I love the look of these fisherman loafers, but I’d love them a lot more if they had a chunkier platform. While I didn’t feel any major discomfort while wearing the shoes, the leather on the straps isn’t as soft as others, so I can see it possibly causing some friction on the ankle with longer wear.

When in doubt, a matching set will always be my go-to. A satin scarf completes the whole look, and I love adding tan and cognac details to an all-black ensemble.

My Review: I loved this top in white, but I just might like it even better in black. Slimmer button-downs aren’t usually my cup of tea, but this fit unlike any other. The sleeves aren’t overly fitted, but the top has enough fabric for a French tuck. 

My Review: With a stretchy waistband, this skirt offers elegance without compromising comfort. 

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