Sweater Dress Season Is Here—25 Outfits to Replicate, ASAP

Do you feel that crisp breeze? Well, that marks the start of the official start of fall. For some, the onset of colder temperatures marks the beginning of holiday planning or travel. But for the fashion set, it marks the beginning of something else entirely: sweater dress season. And while you may be wondering why this clothing staple could be considered as exciting as taking a trip to see the foliage or the holiday season, I’m here to tell you that this piece is underrated.  If we’re being honest, you can’t even fantasize about playing in the foilage or being snuggled up by the fire in a cabin opening gifts with your loved ones without invoking the image of wearing a sweater dress—it’s that prevalent. Of course, where and how you can wear this style extends beyond the cliché imagery this fall staple has been commonly associated with. So, in that vein, I’ve rounded up 25 sweater dress outfit ideas to show that this staple is something you should be excited about wearing (and shopping) year-round. 

Sweater dresses are the canvas for crafting the coolest outfit for any transitional weather look. You can wear a simple white sweater dress in the spring with sandals or combat boots and a leather moto jacket in the fall.

The styling possibilities are endless when it comes to this dress. 

Neutral-hued sweater dresses aren’t the only way to wear this cold-weather staple. Don’t be afraid to opt for a colorful version that champions more craft-inspired knitting techniques. Just be sure to style it with solid-hued boots and a bag to let the piece be the focal point of your fit. 

My jaw dropped to the floor when I first found this dress. 

When in doubt, a black sweater dress will always be in style. But should you want to make this staple stand out, pair it with contrasting boots and a bag in a rending shape to make it feel more trend-forward. 

The sweetheart neckline on this sweater dress is stunning. 

Want to make a drab, cold day a little warmer? Wear a colorful sweater dress with fun accessories. Whether you opt for one in a vibrant pink hue or another fun trending color, this outfit will brighten your day.

Pink is always a good idea. 

Maxi hemline dresses have made a major comeback on Fall/Winter 2022 runways, so it only makes sense to adopt this hemline in sweater form too. Opt for a darker-hued version (gray, black, or navy) paired with a belt and platform boots, and you’ll look like you came fresh off the runway. 

Crying over how chic this Chloé sweater is. 

When you don’t want to freeze but can’t fathom the idea of wearing pants, this is the ensemble you’ll want to recreate. Pair thick-knit midi or maxi sweater dress with a shearling coat, and you’ll be cozier than ever. 

This dress’s subtle coral stripes will look great with a camel shearling coat. 

Sweater dresses can make “stale” fall staples feel fresh—case in point: the look above. Pairing a brightly-hued sweater dress (like a green one) with the black coat and boots in the back of your closet is a great way to glean more wear out of your staples without getting tired of them. 

The pop your fall wardrobe needed has arrived. 

Of course, if color isn’t your thing, you don’t have to wear a saturated sweater dress to get the same effect. In fact, opting for a two-tone sweater dress paired with fun accessories will give you the same feeling of “brand new” without having to buy into color. 

Staud’s sweater dresses are beloved among our editors. 

Another way to breathe life into this staple is by opting for versions with sultrier elements—like versions with high-slits, cutouts, or an off-the-shoulder fit. Just keep the rest of your styling simple by pairing the dress with neutral accessories to really let this style steam things up. 

Hot, hot, hot. 

Is it even fall if you don’t don at least one striped sweater? Consider this the easiest dress to throw on for the season as all you have to do is pair it with a sling bag and cowboy boots to give off full fall vibes. 

You can also style this with loafers or Chelsea boots if you want a more formal feel. 

Channel your inner French girl this fall and pair a houndstooth print coat and mary jane shoes with a sweater dress. You may not be in Paris, but you’ll be trés chic nonetheless. 

Just imagine how soft this dress will be while you wear it. 

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: colorful sweater dresses are the move to spicing up any fall wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to opt for a dark wine or vibrant saffron-hued version paired with your favorite black boots to really get things cooking. 

RVN’s knits are sustainably made with 3D printers to ensure minimal fabric waste. 

For those nights when you’re going out on the town and want to show a little skin without freezing, you’ll want to pin the ensemble above for inspiration. A sheer knit dress paired with boots, great undergarments, and maybe a leather jacket over will never fail you on a night out. 

The weaving on this Zara knit dress allows for a little opacity without having to bare it all. 

Let me tell you a little secret: sweater dresses are the key to looking stylish year-round. All you have to do is throw on a sweater dress and ballet flats, and suddenly you look “polished” without actually putting in any effort. 

The color and cut of this dress make it the ideal staple. 

We all have experienced the moment of dread where a sweater dress has shrunk to the point that you can’t zip it anymore or gaps are showing when you button it up. When that happens, rather than tossing the piece, get creative with the styling and throw it over a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. It’s not only more sustainable to find a new way to wear it, but it’s stylish too. 

You also can get the same look by opting for a sleeved button-down sweater dress that you can style over jeans. 

File this under further proof that sweater dresses can be hot—so long as you opt for one with cutouts. 

Just the right amount of skin. 

You don’t just have to buy a new sweater dress to get the same feel, simply pull out one of your oversized crewneck sweaters and wear it as a dress. If you’re worried about it being too short, add a fleece jacket, proper undergarments, and wear flat Chelsea boots. 

Looks great with bottoms or as a dress. 

Sweater dresses are a staple, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be special. Use your accessories (like a bright shearling coat or snakeskin boots) to make this basic stand out. 

Trust me when I say, this will be a piece you’ll pull out time and time again. 

You know that sweater dress in the back of your closet that has an extremely high slit, but you can’t part ways with it? Don’t toss it; instead, style it over printed pants or cargo pants for a cool fall look.

Meet: the perfect sweater dress for layering.

Add a little edge to this staple by styling it with a leather trench coat and platform ankle boots. 

A black mini sweater dress is a must-have in my books. 

Throw a cardigan sweater dress over another turtleneck dress for maximum warmth in the winter. 

You can also style this cardigan sans extra layers in the springtime. 

Who said all sweater dresses had to be oversized? Opt for an iteration with a built-in bra, corset, or bodice, as it will look ultra flattering on. 

It’s not yellow, but it does have a beautiful bustier.

Want to dress up? Opt for a staples knit dress paired with heels and a shoulder bag for a surprising yet stunning night out ensemble. 

Cocktail ready. 

You’ve made it to the end of this story, and hopefully, by now, you’ve realized there are so many ways to wear sweater dresses year-round. But should you need one last nugget of wisdom, remember that this piece does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is throw it on, and maybe pair it with a belt, boots, and tote bag and you’ll look (and feel) fabulous. 

Don’t forget to add a belt! 

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