EPIC: Kari Lake DESTROYS Never-Trump Leftist Showtime Hack Troll Who Refuses To Acknowledge Election Fraud (VIDEO)

Kari Lake absolutely demolished Tim Miller of Showtime’s ‘The Circus’ earlier this month in Trump fashion for siding with establishment RINOs and disregarding the evidence of election fraud in 2020 and 2022.

The Circus purports to “go behind the scenes for an unbiased, inside look at the stories beyond the headlines.”

In reality, it’s a biased mockery of America First Republicans, which attempts to smear President Trump and make the MAGA agenda look like a circus while making the RINO-Democrat uniparty look like sane, honest people.

They simply trolled MAGA Republicans on the campaign trail in 2022 while promoting radical leftwingers.

The Circus followed Kari Lake on her campaign for Arizona Governor and saw the enormous energy behind Lake, compared to low energy, twice-convicted racist Katie Hobbs.

No honest person believes racist Katie Hobbs, who campaigned from the basement, refused to debate Kari Lake, was down by double digits in the polls, and threatened elections officials who questioned her “victory” with felony charges, legitimately won the election. Especially not when 60% of machines broke down on Election Day when voters overwhelmingly turned out for Lake at a ratio of 3:1!

Earlier this month, Miller echoed Nikki Haley and Mike Pompeo’s talking points and tried to tell Lake she lost her election and that “it’s time to change the strategy.” Lake absolutely torched him with her response.

It was later made into a hilarious “Thug Life” meme by @PapiTrumpo.

Lake: We’re having corrupt stolen elections. President Trump won that election in 2020. He did; there was corruption. How old are you?

Miller: I’m 41

Lake: You’re 41 and you dress like a 13-year-old.

Being the subject of a ‘Thug Life’ meme never gets old. Love it, @PapiTrumpo
(Watch until the end)


— Kari Lake (@KariLake) March 28, 2023

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on Kari Lake’s election lawsuit, which she took all the way to the Supreme Court, as promised.

The Gateway Pundit reported last Wednesday that The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that the trial court erred in dismissing the signature fraud and ordered further review of the mail-in ballot envelope signatures.

HUGE BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Supreme Court Sends Essential Part of Kari Lake Election Lawsuit Back To Trial Court! – ORDER INCLUDED

The Maricopa County Superior Court is expected to issue another order setting the schedule for Lake’s signature verification fraud challenge sometime in April after the Supreme Court considers Sanctions and responses from Lake’s attorneys.

The Gateway Pundit will continue to provide updates on Lake’s fight against rigged elections and her future as a rising star in the America First GOP.


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