Future Budget Samsung Phones Could Offer Raytracing Graphics Thanks to Entry-Level Exynos GPUs Getting AMD RDNA Graphics

The fact that Samsung has been trying to perfect its Exynos recipe for years is something that we cannot deny. When compared to its competition, company’s in-house chipsets are not doing all that well in terms of performance, with users around the world talking about how these devices fail to perform on the same level even in daily use. However, that still has not stopped Samsung from releasing Exynos chipsets, and the latest rumor suggests that the company might be bringing raytracing to entry-level Exynos chipsets next year.

Samsung could focus on improving entry-level Exynos GPUs with raytracing

Raytracing is one of the best graphical technologies we have seen in recent years, and it is slowly finding its way on smartphones, as well. The infamous Exynos 2200 was the first chip from Samsung to bring AMD’s RDNA 2 graphics along with all the bells and whistles, and now we have a tip that suggests that RDNA might be coming to entry-level Exynos chipsets, too

The tip is coming from Tech_Reve, a tipster with a solid track record in the past, and that gives us a reason to believe this tip.

Samsung to adopt RDNA for entry-level Exynos GPUs starting next year

— Revegnus (@Tech_Reve) March 29, 2023

This actually seems like great news, especially for all the Galaxy A series smartphones. Considering how they are responsible for the most amount of sales for Samsung, and they have been largely found using the Exynos chipsets, having a powerful GPU would make them even more compelling to buy for users who are looking for the best value in money.

Of course, at the moment, we cannot really confirm if Samsung is indeed going to release an entry-level Exynos chipset with AMD’s RDNA graphics but if this does happen, it would only signal that other companies need to start following with good graphical performance, as well.

Sadly, at the time of writing, we cannot confirm anything about the future of Exynos-powered phones. The tipster did suggest that the new chips will be coming next year, and since we are still in Q1 2023, we cannot really say much. We do know that Samsung is banking on Snapdragon for its high-end phones, and it sticking to Exynos and improving it sounds like a better idea for mid-range devices. One can only hope that in the future, we will see some high-end Exynos chipsets with even better graphics than before.

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