Mayor Muriel Bowser Designates Washington, DC as the “District of Pride” – Raises LGBT Pride Flag at Historic City Hall for the First Time

“Mayor Muriel Bowser, Hands Off DC Rally” by Lorie Shaull is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has called Washington, DC as the “District of Pride,” claiming that the nation’s capital has the highest percentage of gay people in America.

On Thursday, Bowser kicked off Pride Month by raising the LGBTQIA+ pride flag at the John A. Wilson Building for the first time in history.

The historic John A. Wilson Building, often referred to as the city hall, houses the Executive Office of the Mayor and the Council of the District of Columbia.

“Today marks the start of Pride Month, but in DC we celebrate our LGBTQIA+ community 365 days a year,” said Mayor Bowser. “I am proud to be here today to celebrate our DC values and to send a message to DC residents and everyone who visits Washington, DC that we are an inclusive city, we are a city that loves and values the LGBTQ+ community, and we are a city that knows we are stronger when we stand together and when we celebrate together.”

The iconic Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge has also been illuminated in Pride colors. Throughout the month of June, residents and visitors can also participate in various pride-themed transportation options.

“We also lit up the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge in Pride colors, and it will be lit up again on June 10 and June 11. Throughout June, you can also ride with pride on our Pride Circulator, our Pride Streetcar, a Pride Capital Bikeshare bike, and the Pride Metro. We are, indeed, the District of Pride,” according to the letter to her constituents.

During the event, Bowser announced that DC has been chosen to host World Pride 2025, a global event scheduled to take place from May 23 to June 8, 2025.

“DC is home to the highest percentage of LGBTQIA+ in nation, we are proudly celebrating 48 years of Capital Pride in the District, and we will be hosting World Pride 2025 in two years,” said Director of the MOLGBTQA Japer Bowles. “To say that DC is just LGBTQIA+-friendly is an understatement. We support our Trans Youth, we celebrate the Art of Drag, and we will continue to lead the nation in LGBTQIA+ resources.”

Under the leadership of Bowser, the District of Columbia has used the taxpayers’ money to fund the LGBTQ+ community.

In Fiscal Year 2024, the city allocated nearly $1,000,000 towards community development and cultural competency LGBTQIA+ training grant funds. This funding aims to establish the “DC LGBTQIA+ community center, funding counseling services for LGBTQ residents impacted by intimate partner violence, and dedicating housing vouchers for LGBTQIA+ community members.”

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