I Always Get Compliments on This Fresh Perfume, and Now My Home Will Too

Oh, summer. How I’ll miss you. The bright sunshine, the long days, and those particular scents that define the season. As we move through the year, certain smells seem to drift in and out depending on the season, sometimes even finding themselves immortalised through fashion. And this year, there’s a clear infatuation with strawberry. 

For me, summertime has always been linked to strawberries—from the tennis to relaxed picnics in the park with a punnet of berries always to hand. Juicy, distinct and playful, I’m entranced. But as the seasons change, my favourite fruit gets left behind. Thankfully, MALIN+GOETZ is here to prove that this delicious scent deserves to be appreciated all year round. Introducing, the Strawberry Collection. 

As we know, fragrance has untold powers. They have the ability to transport us to past experiences, provide comfort or excitement, and can become a personal identifier, whether from a perfume or a home fragrance. By now, you’re probably already familiar with MALIN+GOETZ, whose focus on clarity and transparency is key across its range of skincare, fragrance and candles. Though I could go on about my infatuation with the brand’s straightforward products and easy-to-understand ingredients, it’s the strawberry scent that I just have to share.

Now, you should know that this isn’t your average pre-teen, strawberry-scented lip balm. No, this is a distinctly grown-up take on strawberry. MALIN+GOETZ has used its expertise to refine the fragrance of strawberries, stepping away from heavy sugariness and creating a layered, intriguing scent that adds a fresh depth to the idea of strawberry. You’ll find top notes of sparkling bergamot and pink pepper accompanying the mara strawberry, whilst a centre of jasmine petals, jasmine lactone captive and woodland greens offers balance and harmony; and a base of cedarwood, oakmoss, orris root and musk ground the scent.

The result is a fresh, comforting fragrance with an unexpected depth. And now, MALIN+GOETZ has gifted us with the introduction of a perfume oil and candle to the Strawberry Collection. Though featuring the same notes, each product offers a different scent journey and way of experiencing the core fragrance profile. 

Now, let’s explore MALIN+GOETZ’s new Strawberry Collection for 2023. 

Firstly, I think it’s worth explaining what sets a perfume oil apart from eau de parfum and eau de toilette. With an oil base, this “skin scent” is formulated to be warm and intimate, with all layers of the fragrance playing together at once. It’s created to blend with the body’s natural scent and further elevate it, seamlessly connecting the familiarity of your own skin with the perfume. There’s a sense of closeness to the perfume oil that comes from applying it to your pulse points and having others enjoy it when they’re near you. You can keep the small, rollerball bottle with you at all times to apply on the go or after a long day, when you’re craving a waft of fresh strawberries. 

For me, a room just isn’t complete without a candle, but which candle is important. In your own space, a scent should be comfortable and personal, able to wrap around you without feeling heavy. With the depth of notes, the Strawberry Candle allows the notes to play off each other so that the scent moves, with its top, middle and base notes taking prominence in sequence. This movement adds a lightness that feels fresh, with the middle notes of jasmine petals, jasmine lactone captive and woodland greens excelling in the candle, making this a calming and restorative scent for the home. 

As with the Perfume Oil, Strawberry Eau de Parfum plays with the idea of skin scents, working to blend with the body to create a truly personal experience of the notes. Whilst the oil offers each layer of the scent in one hit, the eau de parfum plays with the layering of notes, as each layer blooms and melds with each other. This sets the scent journey apart, as those around you will experience it without proximity—a linger of fragrance is left behind. Each spritz gives brightness and comfort, with the middle and base notes coming through most prominently. 

The brand’s best-selling product worldwide, this clever formula medicates and treats blemishes whilst simultaneously calming the skin, helping to prevent acne scarring. 

The gentle foaming cleanser is the first step to a great skincare routine. The 3-in-1 formula removes makeup and dirt whilst toning and rejuvenating the skin. 

This lightweight moisturiser deeply hydrates skin with ingredients to plump and improve firmness. 

In just five minutes, this oxygenating face mask cleanses, purifies and brightens. 

This best-selling body and hand gel lathers into a rich foam to clean, purify and refresh without drying the skin.