WATCH: Racist, Anti-Israel Vanderbilt Students Suffer and Freak Out After No-Nonsense Administration Takes Decisive Action to Ruin Their Protest

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A protest organized on Tuesday by racist, anti-Israel Vanderbilt University students went south in a hurry after school officials took decisive action to spoil their little party, causing them to suffer and freak out.

As The Tennessean reported, nearly 30 students stormed into the halls of Vanderbilt Chancellor Daniel Diermeier’s office to hold a sit-in, with 30 more students on the steps outside. They were throwing a hissy fit after an amendment to the Vanderbilt Student Government Constitution, which would bar student government funds from going to certain businesses that support Israel, was stripped out by administration officials from a student ballot in late March.

Vanderbilt administration explained to The Tennessean that they decided to do so because the student-led resolution risked running afoul with state and federal laws.

Several videos captured during the protests offer a solid timeline of events. The first shows several unruly students forcing their way into the chancellor’s office lobby by grabbing and pushing past staff.

NEW: Yesterday Vanderbilt students pushed their way into a campus building to conduct a sit-in in the lobby of the chancellor’s office:

— Steve McGuire (@sfmcguire79) March 27, 2024

At various points during the unauthorized demonstration, the agitators screamed at and race-baited black police officers who were trying to quell the situation.

NEW: Protestors occupying the chancellor’s office at Vanderbilt try to shame a black police officer:

“You are black in America, and you’re NOT standing with the marginalized people of the world. What does that make you?!”

— Steve McGuire (@sfmcguire79) March 26, 2024

Vanderbilt administration officials next started laying down law on the spoiled crybabies and began suspending them. But this was the least of the protesters’ worries as officials went a few steps further.

They whined officials were “starving” them and not allowing them to take bathroom breaks during their demonstration. Some ended up peeing into water bottles to relieve themselves.

UPDATE: The Vanderbilt administration is reportedly blocking food and bathroom access, according to the protestors.

Protestors are peeing in bottles behind their banners.

— Steve McGuire (@sfmcguire79) March 27, 2024

The protesters outside grew triggered by officials refusing to coddle their comrades. They started screaming, “Let them pee! Let them eat!”

Students outside chanted, “Let them pee! Let them eat!”

— Steve McGuire (@sfmcguire79) March 27, 2024

They became even more upset after learning that officers were given water and food from Panera Bread according to The Vanderbilt Hustler.

Protesters also claimed that one student was “nearing toxic shock” with symptoms such as pain, nausea, and feeling feverish. Despite this, she was not allowed to use the restroom without being removed from the premises.

UPDATE: some of the students seem to be panicking.

They called 9-1-1 because they’re worried one of them could go into toxic shock.

They’re also worried she’ll be arrested if she leaves the building.

— Steve McGuire (@sfmcguire79) March 27, 2024

The student decided to remove her tampon during the sit-in.

All student protesters were removed from the building in the early morning hours, just under 24 hours into the sit-in. The Vanderbilt Hustler revealed four were arrested and 16 received suspensions.

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